Texas A&M Basketball: Buzz Williams’ NCAA Tourney rant is a must-watch

Buzz Williams, Texas A&M basketball (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Buzz Williams, Texas A&M basketball (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say the unfortunate truth again — the Texas A&M basketball team was snubbed from the NCAA Tournament. Thankfully, the Aggies are already off to a hot start in the NIT Tournament, where they secured a win over 8-seeded Alcorn State in the first round by a 12-point margin.

The win proved that Texas A&M earned its 1-seed in the NIT Tournament but perhaps more importantly — it proved that the Aggies should have been in the NCAA Tournament.

But that’s in the past now. There’s no changing the fact that Texas A&M may have just become the biggest NCAA Tournament snub of all time. Still, this is something worth fighting for, which is exactly what Buzz Williams did after his team defeated Alcorn State in the less prestigious NIT Tournament.

Texas A&M basketball HC Buzz Williams’ post-game rant is something you simply cannot miss

Without further ado, here’s what Buzz Williams said about the situation in his post-game press conference.

With no chance of Texas A&M making its way into the NCAA Tournament, Buzz Williams did the only thing left to do: rip apart the NCAA Tournament selection committee for failing to do their jobs in an unbiased manner.

After all, the Aggies went 23-12 with 12 SEC wins, three ranked wins in the last month, a top-5 win, and all of the momentum in the world. The Aggies didn’t just seem like a bubble team — they should have been a tournament lock.

Williams didn’t just complain in his press conference, either — he explained how devastating it is for players, coaches, and families who put their heart and soul into this game for the final month of the season to have this opportunity taken from them. Williams repeatedly blasted the NCAA Tournament’s selection process and the committee that chooses the teams.

And while coaches often come off as “complainy” or “whiny,” Williams didn’t seem that way at all. Heck, the Aggie head coach had to pause on multiple occasions as he teared up thinking about players who will never get an opportunity to play in the greatest tournament in college sports.

You almost hate to give it this type of twist but this press conference has to give A&M a recruiting boost. How often do you see a coach get so emotional over his players?

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Williams said everything Aggie fans have been thinking over the past few weeks and he has the information to back it up. Make no mistake — Texas A&M should be playing in the tournament in the upcoming days.