Texas A&M Football: This theory could reveal two new 2022 starters

Zach Calzada, Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
Zach Calzada, Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports /

The Texas A&M football team’s coaching staff will continue to have a busy offseason. Beyond recruiting, the Aggies have more than a handful of spots to fill on the depth chart — spots left behind by players like DeMarvin Leal, Zach Calzada, Jalen Wydermyer, Leon O’Neal, and others.

At this point in the offseason, we have no idea what these positions will look like in the Aggies’ first game against Sam Houston on September 3rd.

Anything at this point is pure speculation — so let’s speculate. Already, theories are forming on who could fill certain positions, including two important spots. Those spots are tight end and quarterback, where more than a handful of athletes will be willing to step in and take over.

An offseason theory could shed light on who will fill in two positions for the Texas A&M football team in 2022

Right now, the Aggies’ quarterback position is a pure three-man battle. We don’t know what the competition looks like inside the program but the pre-spring order seemed to look something like this:

  1. Max Johnson
  2. Haynes King
  3. Conner Weigman

Again, this is pure speculation — there’s no true set order right now.

The fun thing about college football, however, is that there’s nothing to do for eight months other than speculate. That said, some news surfaced about the Texas A&M football team that may create some top-tier speculation.

That news was in regards to the tight end position, where Baylor Cupp, a fourth-year tight end, decided to transfer out of College Station. Even though Cupp had struggled with injuries throughout his career, he started a game in 2021 and looked like the potential leader in the race for the starting tight end spot.

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Behind him? Heads will immediately turn to Jake Johnson, an incoming freshman tight end and the top player at his position in the 2022 class. The Aggies’ also brought in the fourth-ranked tight end in the country in Donovan Green, a four-star who could start early.

But right now, we’ll focus on Johnson. The Aggie tight end committed to Texas A&M alongside his brother, Max Johnson, who transferred from LSU and joined his sibling on campus this offseason. There will be undeniable chemistry between the two, who have played football together for the entirety of their lives.

If Max Johnson is the leading candidate to win the starting quarterback spot, you’d have to assume that Jake Johnson is the leader at the tight end spot. It would only make sense.

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Again, don’t read too much into this — this is as much of an offseason article as you’ll find. Time will tell who will win the starting spot at both of these positions.