Texas A&M Football: Is Haynes King running away with the QB1 job?

Haynes King, Texas A&M Football
Haynes King, Texas A&M Football /
Texas A&M Football
Haynes King, Texas A&M Football /

Here it is, the biggest question surrounding Texas A&M football at the moment. Who will be the starting quarterback this season? We are getting closer to finding that out, but is there actually a leader in the pack of Haynes King, Max Johnson, and Conner Weigman?

Apparently so, however Jimbo Fisher isn’t admitting that at the moment. I don’t blame him. If I was deciding a quarterback race, I would want all of them to show me their best and not want any of them to let up.

Haynes King has reportedly consistently been the best quarterback in camp thus far for Texas A&M football.

King has been playing some of his best football in training camp and his strengths are popping on camera. He’s finally fully healthy off of his season-ending ankle injury, and he looks to be playing at full speed. It also seems like he’s added some strength, as it looks like he has more zip on the ball than last season.

In the first scrimmage, King and Johnson both played well, but King had more to offer in terms of extending plays and getting into the endzone. Coach Fisher gave unofficial stats for the scrimmage, which had King going 18 for 26, 326 yards and three touchdowns. While Johnson was more efficient, completing 20 of 25 passes, he had 34 less yards and one less touchdown.

The biggest difference between the returning Aggie and the LSU transfer is that the former has better big-play ability. His above-average mobility allows him to scramble, roll out, and extend plays better and more often than Johnson. While the floor may be lower with King, the ceiling is considerably higher due to his playstyle.

The word out of camp makes it sound like it’s more a matter of King playing great instead of the others performing poorly. Each of the quarterbacks are having good camps, but King is sticking out the most. The team will have their second scrimmage of camp on Saturday, so I will expect a starting quarterback announcement by the end of next week.

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