Texas A&M Football: Transfer Portal Madness Roundup

Andre White Jr., Texas A&M Football Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Andre White Jr., Texas A&M Football Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /
Texas A&M Football
Andre White Jr., Texas A&M Football Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

The NCAA transfer portal opened on Monday morning, and it’s been just as crazy as many had been predicting it would be.  Texas A&M football has been the focus of many talking heads when it comes to the subject of the transfer portal, as the Aggies are coming off a roller coaster of a past year; from inking the number one recruiting class in history to ending with a disappointing 5-7 record, it has been the dear hope of many rival fans that there would be an exodus of talent from the Texas A&M football program.  And the Aggies have seen quite a few players enter the portal thus far, totaling 16 at this point.

Those players are:

  • Andre White, RS Senior LB
  • Tarian Lee, senior LB
  • Ish Harris, freshman LB
  • Tunmise Adeleye, sophomore DL
  • Elijah Jeudy, RS Freshman DL
  • Eli Stowers, RS Freshman QB
  • Denver Harris, Freshman CB
  • PJ Williams, Freshman OL
  • Donnell Harris, RS Sophomore DL
  • Josh Moten, RS Freshman CB
  • Marcus Burris, RS Freshman DL
  • LJ Johnson, RS Freshman RB
  • Blake Smith, RS Freshman TE
  • Brian George, RS Senior CB
  • Dallas Walker IV, RS Freshman DL
  • Ryan Campbell, RS Sophomore WR (walk-on)

Grad Transfers:

  • Chase Lane, RS Senior WR
  • Haynes King, RS Sophomore QB
  • Myles Jones, RS Senior CB
  • Caden Davis, Junior PK

Something striking from that list is the fact that there are only three members of the 30-man 2022 signing class represented.  Two of them, in Denver Harris and PJ Williams, spent the last half of the season suspended from the team.  The other, Ish Harris, didn’t record a statistic for this Texas A&M football team.  Yesterday, a report had briefly circulated that freshman LB Martrell Harris had entered the portal, but it was apparently a misunderstanding that was cleared up by  Martrell himself.

The future of the other two freshman who were serving suspensions in the back half of the year, Chris Marshall and Anthony Lucas, is still up in the air.  However, even if one or both of them end up entering the portal, this Texas A&M football program is still losing very few contributors to transfer, all things considered.  For the most part, it’s older players who have lost a spot or are looking to get on the field for the first time that are in the portal, as opposed to— as opposing fans might have you believe— disgruntled former 5-star studs who feel they’ve been sold a bill of goods.  The core and the future of this team are, by all accounts, locked in.  Further, it seems as though the Ags are looking to add some significant contributors from the portal, and it’s entirely possible that they end up being net benefactors from this new dimension of the sport.

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