3 Coaches Texas A&M Football Fans Would Love To See Alabama Hire After Saban Retires

Here's a quick list of coaches that would have Texas A&M football fans breathing a sigh of relief to see in T-Town.
Jul 26, 2023; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach
Jul 26, 2023; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach / Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports
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Three Coaches that Texas A&M Football Fans Would Like To See in Tuscaloosa

Texas A&M football fans are by now well aware of the opportunity that is in front of their beloved Aggie program now that Nick Saban has retired from his post with the Crimson Tide. The door is now open wide for an opportunistic program to rise in the Tide's place, and while it is unlikely that any coach can aspire to the heights that Saban saw in Tuscaloosa, the Aggies are still well-positioned to capitalize off of this massive change in the college football landscape.

All of this, though, is predicated on the guy who follows Saban falling short of the lofty standard that awaits in T-Town. Although this is a virtual certainty, given the long shadow that probably the greatest coach in the history of the sport casts, there are still some top options for the Tide. One of them, Dan Lanning, has already turned down the opportunity, however.

He's not the only option that would scare Texas A&M football and the rest of the SEC. Kalen DeBoer, though his recruiting ability is not a strong suit, would also fit that bill. Ryan Day has shown he can maintain a high level of recruiting and play following a legend.

But who are the names that would make Texas A&M football fans breathe a sigh of relief—or even give a vindictive laugh? Who would Aggies like to see as the next head guy in Tuscaloosa? Jimbo Fisher would obviously be one, but I find it highly unlikely that the Tide go with him. Here are three realistic names that I think would have the Alabama program—or even other rivals for the Aggies—trending downwards.