3 reasons Texas A&M football fans will have hype in overdrive after the spring game

Here’s why I believe this Texas A&M football team will give fans a lot to be excited about after Saturday.
Sep 23, 2023; College Station, Texas, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Conner Weigman (15) in
Sep 23, 2023; College Station, Texas, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Conner Weigman (15) in / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
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Three reasons Texas A&M football hype will go into overdrive: Feeding the Swede

I’m calling my shot here. In year three, we see Theo Mehlin Ohrstrom break out in a huge way.

Last year, the tight end position was something of a disappointment for the Aggies. Donovan Green went down with an injury before the year began, and the combo of Jake Johnson and Max Wright, while reliable, didn’t replicate the same production we had anticipated had Green been available. Theo was not much of a factor yet either, but that much was understandable—after all, he had reclassified up into the 2022 class from 2023 and was still learning the ins and outs of the position.

This year, though, I think we see a huge jump from him. Though Jimbo loved to use TEs, I think Klein uses them in a more creative and imaginative manner, thus giving him more opportunities. In addition, I think he has grown enough in his understanding of the game and technique that he can be much more dangerous than previously.

Indeed, he boasts a skillset eminently dangerous for the opposing team. He’s not only huge at 6’7’, but he can run and jump with the best of them. His physical archetype is rare; that the Aggies have such a weapon should lead to some big production under Klein’s tutelage.

I think we see him begin to break out in this spring game. In the spirit of the aforementioned calling of my shot, I see him getting a touchdown grab and at least one impressive run in the open field. I’m ready for Theo to make some noise this year.