Texas A&M football makes key off-field hire with ties to Texas five-star QB

Texas A&M football adds another staffer to their recruiting machine—one with intriguing ties to a bigtime prospect.
Sep 3, 2022; College Station, Texas, USA;  Texas A&M Aggies helmet on the sideline during the
Sep 3, 2022; College Station, Texas, USA; Texas A&M Aggies helmet on the sideline during the / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M football hires Joe Hamilton as Director of Recruiting; played "notable role" in Gators landing Texas 5-star QB DJ Lagway

It may be nothing... or it may be that Mike Elko is already playing 4D chess as the head coach of Texas A&M football. This latest hire is solid either way, but this twist it comes with is nothing short of fascinating.

As the Aggies fill out their staff in the off-field roles, things continue to shape up well. The latest hire for Texas A&M football is former Florida Director of Scouting & Recruiting Relations Joe Hamilton. With the recruiting that Florida has been doing compared to the on-field product they've been putting out, that would be a great hire in and of itself.

But there's more.

Yes, Hamilton was apparently a big part of how the Gators were able to land—and keep hold of—five-star quarterback DJ Lagway from Willis, Texas. Don't just take it from me, though; the Gator fans are upset about this one.

Could this be a move of consummate foresight by new head man Mike Elko? I wouldn't put it past him. He's shown to be a couple of steps ahead ever since he arrived in College Station in ways that even the diehard fans and insiders haven't been able to predict.

Though he didn't have much time after getting hired to really make significant moves in Lagway's recruitment, Elko and company did make a run at re-engaging on that front, including a face-to-face meeting.

Would this, by itself, be enough to pull Lagway from Gainesville? It's hard to say. If anything, I'd be looking towards the portal window at the end of 2024 rather than the spring. Florida faces a bear of a schedule this year, and it's very possible that the end up with 5 wins or fewer when all is said and done.

Whether or not this is a move aimed at snagging the star quarterback, it's a great move nonetheless. Hamilton brings solid bonafides to the role. This is yet another strong hire for Mike Elko and Texas A&M football.