Texas A&M football portal profiles: Ar’Maj Reed-Adams could be impact OL in 2024

Though not one of the more heralded portal pickups for Texas A&M football, the former Kansas OL could make a big difference for the Aggies.

Kansas redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Ar'maj Reed-Adams (55) smiles during Tuesday's practice
Kansas redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Ar'maj Reed-Adams (55) smiles during Tuesday's practice / Evert Nelson/The Capital-Journal / USA

Texas A&M football portal profiles: Ar’Maj Reed-Adams could be part of retooled Aggie offensive line in 2024

Maybe the most disappointing part of the end of the Jimbo Fisher tenure for Texas A&M football, and doubtless the single biggest driver of offensive dysfunction, was the complete and total regression of the offensive line unit. After the 2020 season where the Aggie front played like the top unit in the entire sport, things took a bit of a step back in 2021—and then, in 2022, the bottom fell out.

This most recent year saw a bit of a return to more acceptable play, but the inconsistency was still such that they were not near reaching their potential. In fact, a recurring point of discussion throughout the year among Aggie fans was whether the poor offensive line play was to blame for star QB Conner Weigman’s injury.

While I don’t set all that on the shoulders of the Aggie front, it was clear that a change needed to be made from Steve Addazio. I had formerly hoped that continuity from 2022 to 2023 would help this line regain its form; while they did improve, however, they did not do so nearly to the level that any Aggie fan had wished for.

Of course, Addazio is gone now. The whole coaching staff, save a few names, has been replaced. And the new head man for Texas A&M football saw the same thing we all did—and he took action. The high school recruiting class for the Aggies saw A&M add several quality players along the offensive line—and the portal class brought a name to campus that flew under the radar at first, but one that is getting more and more buzz as spring approaches.

I’m speaking, of course, of Ar’Maj Reed-Adams, formerly of Kansas. The Jayhawks are currently experiencing a football renaissance under Lance Leipold; in other words, they have, over the past two years, actually resembled an FBS program for the most part.

Reed-Adams, originally of DeSoto, started all 11 games for which he was available in 2023. Though this was his fourth year at Kansas, Reed-Adams took advantage of a redshirt year as well as the extra 2020 year of eligibility, so he is only technically a redshirt junior in 2024. In other words, he could play two more years with the Aggies.

As I mentioned earlier, the buzz has been growing around Reed-Adams. Could he end up starting on the offensive line for the Aggies? With a spot now vacated by the departure of Layden Robinson, I wouldn’t rule it out. Kam Dewberry will be tough competition, but Reed-Adams is apparently a guy who can live up to that challenge.

This is shaping up to be another savvy take by Mike Elko and crew. Adam Cushing is in the process of molding this OL group into a much better unit than what we’ve seen the past two years, and it’s sounding more like Reed-Adams will be a key piece there. Don’t be surprised to see this guy get significant snaps come spring ball.