Texas A&M Football Bringing In An Elite Class by This Metric

Even though the raw number of players is a bit lower, if Texas A&M football keeps all their guys committed, this is still an elite class.
Sep 3, 2016; College Station, TX, USA; The east stands of Kyle Field during a game between the Texas
Sep 3, 2016; College Station, TX, USA; The east stands of Kyle Field during a game between the Texas / Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Despite Fewer Recruits, Texas A&M Football Still Bringing in Impressive Class

If you were to look at the composite class rankings for Texas A&M football's recruiting class this year, you'd see a ranking that you might expect for a transition class between coaches after a 12-12 stretch over two seasons. The Aggies are down somewhere in the high teens in their class ranking this year after rising as high as third overall earlier in the season, with the variance explained chiefly by what the factors I just mentioned.

Despite that, though, this is still an elite class. How is that possible? Well, the reason the class is ranked so low is because the Aggies only currently have about fifteen players committed, whereas most other programs have between twenty and twenty five. The class calculator, though it works off of a formula that tempers the rating if you're just filling out the class with a very high amount of low-rated guys, still rewards classes that not only bring in elite talent, but bring it in in high volumes.

The Aggies will be working out of the transfer portal to fill out some of the holes left in the class from decommitments, but the average rating of the recruits in the class is up there with the best of them.

For context, the Aggies had an average recruit rating of 95.00 in the 2022 class.

Though this is a lower rated class overall, the median recruit from this group is still a high-quality add to the roster. The Aggies have more five-stars committed than three-stars (of course, both five-star prospects are waiting until February to sign). As far as things like the Blue-Chip Ratio go, that portends future success.

That's not to say this is the sixth best class in the nation. There's a reason bringing in higher quantities of recruits is rewarded and bringing in lower quantities is penalized. Even so, though, that the Aggies are still ranked this high, even after losing a couple of commitments from the top of the class, is very encouraging.

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