Could Coach Prime’s online meltdown land Texas A&M football the WR they need?

A former priority Texas A&M football commit ended up in Boulder. Could recent… events… at CU send him packing back to Texas?
Apr 27, 2024; Boulder, CO, USA; Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders during a spring game
Apr 27, 2024; Boulder, CO, USA; Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders during a spring game / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With things looking like they’re unraveling at Colorado, could Texas A&M football get Drelon Miller in Maroon and White?

One of the more surprising results from the 2024 class was the commitment of former Texas A&M football pledge Drelon Miller to Colorado. Miller decommitted from A&M in the middle of the season, and was thought to be bound for LSU without a doubt; however, he never gave a verbal to the Tigers and he continued to show up in College Station. 

Many thought that this signaled that he would eventually end back up in the class for the Aggies. Indeed, with the shaky status and eventual flip of Cam Coleman, Miller’s inclusion in the class would have been huge. Instead, though, Miller ended up signing with Colorado.

This caught many A&M fans and insiders off-guard, as the Buffs hadn’t really been a player in Miller’s recruitment up until that point. He stuck with it, though, and is still a member of their class, though he has yet to enroll.

Fast forward to today, and things are taking a strange and unsightly turn in Colorado. A recent article by the Athletic detailed what has happened to the transfers who left Boulder—and they don’t pull punches.

Colorado players jumped to the defense of Deion, saying that this was not an accurate representation of how he is as a coach. This all honestly sounds like normal offseason drama—maybe a little juicer than normal—but things really went to the next level when Shedeur Sanders began to chime in.

There’s a bit of difference between defending your dad and dismissive put-downs, obviously, and Shedeur came under fire for clearly engaging in the latter. It didn’t end there, however, as Prime himself began to speak about the issue.

This last tweet is particularly egregious. Sanders is quote-tweeting one of his players who is making fun of a random Austin Peay CB—who himself was responding to a current Buffalo receiver that was piling on after Shedeur’s tweet!

That’s probably too much to follow, but the point is this: it’s a terrible look to be so freely and publicly mocking former players and egging on your current players to do the same. That’s not exactly a sign of a positive program culture, to put it mildly.

Certain media members from the Dallas area have chimed in, comparing what’s beginning to happen at Colorado to the failure of Prime Prep up in DFW.

All is not well in Boulder, clearly. The Texas A&M football angle here is that a former commit and highly-prized recruit at a position of need is currently on the roster up there. What Prime and certain players have been up to has to be giving certain players second thoughts about taking part in their program.

Could Drelon Miller be one of those players? I have no specific reason to believe that he will be. However, it’s not just me who has had this thought process.

If Miller ends up with second thoughts, I’m sure the Aggies would welcome him with open arms. The portal is closed at this point, though since he has yet to enroll, he would likely be able to request a release from his NLI. Not saying that that is likely to happen at all—merely stating the possibility.