Texas A&M Football: Elko Is On the Hottest Recruiting Streak I've Ever Seen

The head man for Texas A&M football has gained an unbelievable twelve commitments in the course of only three days, gaining quality players everywhere.
Nov 18, 2023; Charlottesville, Virginia, USA; Duke Blue Devils head coach Mike Elko looks on from
Nov 18, 2023; Charlottesville, Virginia, USA; Duke Blue Devils head coach Mike Elko looks on from / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Elko Has Texas A&M Football Scalding Hot In Transfer Portal Recruiting

Over this past summer, the former Texas A&M football regime had a huge couple of months. It seemed that almost every week a new recruit would give his verbal commitment to Jimbo Fisher and the Aggies, and the class very quickly built up from that point. It was a hot streak the likes of which I had never seen.

Until now, that is.

It should be said that high school and portal recruiting are a bit apples and oranges; things definitely move much more quickly in the portal. With that being said, however, I've never seen as hot of a streak as the one that Mike Elko has strung together over the past few days.

This is now the third article I have written at the end of a four-commit day, and they've all been back to back. That is mind-boggling. And it's not just any random player the Aggies are taking in at this point, either: one of those twelve is Nic Scourton, a top-ten name in the portal. Each and every name that has committed has been aimed at a specific fit or positional need.

Today, several players announced their commitment to the Aggies. At the time of writing, Elko has indicated that there are twelve total commitments, of which nine have gone public. Here are those nine:

1. DE Nic Scourton, Purdue

2. DB Marcus Radcliffe, SDSU

3. DB Donovan Saunders, Cal Poly

4. WR Jabre Barker, Troy

5. DB Jaydon Hill, Florida

6. LB Scooby Williams, Florida

7. OL Derrick Graham, Troy

8. DT Rodas Johnson, Wisconsin

9. DB BJ Mayes, UAB

As you can tell, this is very DB-heavy so far. The back end of the defense for Texas A&M football will be almost completely transformed come 2024, which was a needed move. Johnson, the Wisconsin DT projects as a depth guy. Scooby Williams could end up playing more of an EDGE position than a true linebacker.

Mayes and Hill are both outstanding cover men, but Hill might be more of a nickel for Elko. If the Aggies can reel in Keionte Scott, this could be the best defensive backfield in the conference, if not the country.

This is unprecedented. This coaching staff has attacked the portal aggressively and with a clearly defined plan, and it is really paying off so far.