Game Recap: Decimated Texas A&M Football Team Falls to Oklahoma State

Texas A&M football, trotting out walk-ons due to their piecemeal roster, fell to the Cowboys by 8.
Dec 27, 2023; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies defensive back Aaron Trevino (32) stretches
Dec 27, 2023; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies defensive back Aaron Trevino (32) stretches / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
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Severely Shorthanded Texas A&M Football Falls to Oklahoma State

Things started off possibly as poorly as they could for Texas A&M football. Jaylen Henderson appeared to suffer a bad injury after just one play for the Aggies, and Texas A&M was down yet another quarterback. Marcel Reed saw only three plays of action before the punt team had to come on after his first pass was tipped at the line.

The first pass for the Cowboys was an eight-yard completion before Ollie Gordon broke off a huge run. A rollout for Bowman picked up another first down, and Oklahoma State found themselves inside Aggie territory. A back-shoulder pass was almost picked off by walk-on Kent Robinson, starting at corner, bringing up 2nd and 10. An incompletion on a slant brought up 3rd and 10, but another back-shoulder throw found its mark down in the red zone. A toss to Ollie Gordon lost five after a great play by Gabe Dindy and 12th Man Sam Matthews, also starting. Gordon was unable to gain any ground on the next play, as DJ Hicks stood strong in the gap to bring up 3rd and 15. The Cowboys completed a pass down to the 2, but Elijah Robinson chose to challenge the call. It ended up standing, and the Cowboys kicked it to go up 3-0.

Marcel Reed led the Aggie offense back out on the field, scrambling for four on the first play. A handoff to Amari Daniels picked up a chunk of yardage after the offensive line created a great hole up front, but Daniels ran right into a tackler on the next play to lose a half-yard. A quick pass to Jahdae Walker and a few broken tackles picked up the first down at the Oklahoma State 44, though, but Daniels was once more stopped for only a short gain. A pass flew wide of Walker on an out route to bring up 3rd and 8. Reed completed a nice ball to Moose Muhammad just outside the red zone, even after the receiver was held. A pass to the end zone fell incomplete after some sticky coverage on Jahdae Walker, and a screen to Walker only gained 2 yards on 2nd and 10. Another pass to Jahdae fell incomplete in the end zone, and Walker remained down for a moment before walking off, laboring with his right arm. Randy Bond was good from 37, and the Aggies tied it up at 3.

The Cowboys gained four on a a screen as the first play of their next drive, and Ollie Gordon was stopped short by newcomer Rylan Kennedy for no gain. A rollout for Alan Bowman barely picked up the first, though. Gordon's next run picked up six, and a quick screen got the Cowboys into Aggie territory once more. A stretch run by Gordon was stopped by Sam Matthews, as was the screen pass on the next play. 3rd and 1 saw Gordon hit by York at the line of scrimmage, but he kept his legs going to pick up the first. Another stretch run picked up the first, down to the Aggie 13. A perfectly placed ball by Bowman to Rashaad Owens was completed over Jayvon Thomas's head after a push-off, and the Aggies were down 10-3.

The Aggies got one play off before the quarter ended, a short run by Amari Daniels.