Game Recap: Decimated Texas A&M Football Team Falls to Oklahoma State

Texas A&M football, trotting out walk-ons due to their piecemeal roster, fell to the Cowboys by 8.
Dec 27, 2023; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies defensive back Aaron Trevino (32) stretches
Dec 27, 2023; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies defensive back Aaron Trevino (32) stretches / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
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Marcel Reed opened the second quarter with a decisive delivery to Max Wright a yard or so shy of the first down. A rollout play on third and two picked up a huge chunk of yardage when freshman TE Jaden Platt got behind the Cowboy defense for a 39-yard gain, all the way down to the Cowboy 30. A flea-flicker on the next play drew some obvious pass interference to give the Aggies another 15 yards. Amari Daniels was stacked up in the backfield for a loss of 3. A QB draw went nowhere, and all of a sudden it was 3rd and 12. Max Wright picked up a bit on a crosser, but it wasn't near enough for the first down. Bond's 24-yard attempt was good to bring the Aggies within 4.

The Cowboys threw a screen on their first play, but DJ Hicks chased it down after just one yard. A long pass was overthrown against Bravion Rogers, bringing up 3rd and 8. Jayvon Thomas lost his man over the middle, though, giving the Cowboys a chunk gain into Aggie territory. Gordon had a short, deliberate run for only two, and a reverse saw a Cowboy receiver toss a rainbow into the Aggie red zone. Gunnar Gundy, the backup quarterback and Mike Gundy's son, scurried into the end zone on a QB draw on the very next play to put the Cowboys up 17-6.

The first play for the next Aggie drive was an insanely difficult catch by Moose Muhammad for a 29-yard gain. The Aggies went deep again on the next play, but Walker was well-covered. A screen to walk-on receiver Andrew Maleski picked up a short gain, but the Aggies now faced 3rd and 6. Another deep pass on third once again fell incomplete to Walker, this time overthrown, and the Aggies would punt.

Bowman started off the drive at the nine yard line, having his pass deflected. A run by Gordon was stacked up for no gain, but a personal foul after the play was called to give the Pokes a first out at the 23 yard line. A screen picked up the first after another short Gordon run, but a deep shot fell incomplete, with walk-on corner Kent Robinson going down with injury on that play. The Aggies were called offsides on the next play, giving the Cowboys a free five yards. York read the ensuing screen well, and stopped it for a one-yard gain. Gordon was stopped very short, and the punt team came in on fourth and one for the Cowboys.

A Rueben Owens handoff was the first play of the Aggie drive, which gained two yards. Another give for Owens picked up about 3, setting up the Aggies with a middle-distance third down. Reed once again went deep on third down, this time to Micah Tease, but the pass sailed over Tease's head. Time now a factor, the Aggies would be punting back to OSU with 3:23 remaining in the half.

The Cowboys picked up the first on their first play, but a short run and an almost-pick brought up 3rd and 8. OSU took a timeout to plan their next move, and it paid off, as the Cowboys picked up the first on a short throw. Two screens broke open for yardage due to two blatant yet uncalled holds, but a dropped screen on the third play brought up 3rd and 2. A lazy pass by Bowman fell incomplete near the goal line, but a play-action pass on fourth down took OSU into the red zone. A stretch run by Gordon got stacked up for minimal gain, and a pass was dropped on the next play to bring up 3rd and 10. Bowman had time in the pocket, though, and completed a pass down to the one. The ensuing play was a dart into the end zone by Gordon, and the Cowboys led 24-6 with 35 seconds before the half. A quick run by Rueben Owens was all for the Aggies, and they headed to the locker room.