How active will Texas A&M football and Mike Elko be in the spring portal window?

Taking a look at how coach Elko and the rest of the Texas A&M football staff may attack the spring transfer portal window.

Nov 20, 2021; College Station, Texas, USA;  A general view of the stands at the last regular season
Nov 20, 2021; College Station, Texas, USA; A general view of the stands at the last regular season / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

How active will Texas A&M football be in the spring transfer portal window? What positions will Mike Elko pursue?

In the crazy new world of college football, it’s never too early to consider how the transfer portal may be affecting your team—and Texas A&M football is no exception. We may not like it, but at least for the moment, this is how the landscape of college football works.

If there’s one guy who has proven himself ready to handle this new frontier, however, it’s the new head man for Texas A&M football: Mike Elko. The work he and his staff did in the portal last cycle was eye-opening and extremely encouraging, bringing in 21 total prospects to help bolster the Aggie roster.

However, despite that huge number the Aggies have incoming, that doesn’t mean they are done. The Aggies have already had two players announce their intentions to enter the spring transfer portal window in Jacoby Mathews and Sam McCall, and you have to imagine that there will be more once the portal actually opens—not only from the Aggies, but from all around the country.

So, can we expect the Aggies to be as active in the portal this spring as they were in the winter? I certainly wouldn’t rule it out at all. The depth at safety is not ideal after Mathews and McCall announced their portal intentions, so I think you’ll see Elko, Peterson, and Aristide pursue that position strongly.

Another position group that could stand to be bolstered a bit is wide receiver. The Ags have some top line talent at wideout that stacks up favorably with anyone in the country, but there is still a lot to be answered when it comes to the depth. Jahdae Walker, Moose Muhammad, and Noah Thomas are a great trio, but who will rotate in behind them? Who plays at the slot—Jabre Barber or someone else?

For that matter, we don’t yet know who will enter the portal from this current A&M roster. With the number of guys they brought in over this past window, it’s possible that some get unhappy with how the depth chart is shaking out and seek another landing spot. Elko has proven to be prepared for any eventuality, so I don’t doubt he could use the spring window to address such departures.