How Many Texas A&M Football Players Will Realistically Get Taken in the NFL Draft?

Taking a look at the NFL stock of all the draft-eligible Texas A&M football players.
Texas A&M's McKinnley Jackson addresses the media at the 2023 SEC Football Kickoff Media Days at
Texas A&M's McKinnley Jackson addresses the media at the 2023 SEC Football Kickoff Media Days at / Denny Simmons / The Tennessean / USA

How Many Texas A&M Football Players Will Go in the 2024 NFL Draft?

With draft season already starting to get underway, and no shortage of draft-eligible Texas A&M football players available, lots of Aggie fans (no doubt eager for a reprieve from a basketball team that is up-and-down to an uncomfortable familiar degree) are wondering how many will be taken in the draft. There are several Aggie luminaries that should definitely have their name called on draft night, and there are a few that may be sweating things out down the stretch of day 3.

Perhaps the biggest shoo-in at the moment is LB Edgerrin Cooper. Aided by a breakout 2023, Cooper is as high as 20th overall by at least one draft guru, and could find his NFL home on night one if all goes well (I'm personally crossing my fingers that he lands in Dallas).

Another former Aggie who projects well for the draft, and whose stock has been rising down at the Senior Bowl, is McKinnley Jackson. Hampered by injury in his junior year, Jackson came back with a vengeance in 2023 and was one of the most disruptive interior players in the nation. His measurements are prototypical for a nose guard, and he brings rare strength and explosion to the position.

From there, things get a bit murkier. Ainias Smith, a huge fan favorite, will doubtless be massively productive wherever he goes. The question remains, though, of whether the same thing that held him back from a higher rating in high school—his height—will make NFL teams blanch at the prospect of selecting him. Due to his demonstrated versatility and proven production in the toughest conference in the sport, I do think he ends up being selected when all is said and done.

Another guy on the fence is Layden Robinson. He's hugely gifted, but has been maddeningly inconsistent in his time in College Station. Having been invited to the Senior Bowl, a good showing in Mobile would do wonders for the Aggie offensive guard.

Demani Richardson is another guy who rides that line. Is he too much of a tweener to play safety in the league? His size aided him well in delivering heavy hits in the SEC, but it was tough for him at points to keep up with speedy receivers—which, of course, the NFL is full of.

I'm less sure of a projection on these latter two guys. I could see a team falling in love with either of them and spending a day 3 pick, and I could see them going to a team as a UDFA. Both have had huge moments for the Aggies over the years, and both have had lowlights as well.

If I had to guess, just to be safe, I'd place the over-under at 3.5 draftees for the Aggies. These are just my projections, obviously, but if the A&M ends the draft with four selections or more, I'd feel good.