Instant reaction to Texas A&M football's spring game: One huge area of improvement

One huge weakness from last year seems to have been completely turned around for this Texas A&M football team.
Sep 17, 2022; College Station, Texas, USA; A view of the fans and the stands and the 12th Man logo
Sep 17, 2022; College Station, Texas, USA; A view of the fans and the stands and the 12th Man logo / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Instant reaction to Texas A&M football spring game: Aggies' retooled secondary already yielding results

Texas A&M football just finished their annual Maroon and White spring game. There's a lot to talk about from this one—from how the transfers performed, to the improvement by returning players, to Taurean York's... questionable draft strategy—but there is one thing that really stood out to me: the improvement of the Aggie secondary.

In the coming days, I'll be diving further in to a lot of the other areas and takeaways from this contest, but this is one that was immediately apparent to a lot of Aggies watching. The retooled back end of the Aggie defense really stood out in this one.

Last season, the clear Achilles' Heel of this team was defending against downfield passing games. There were a few completions down the field in this one, yes, but when the ball went deep, there were no longer guys running wide open in the secondary. More often than not, the ball fell incomplete due to the sticky coverage by the Aggie defensive backs.

We didn't get to see Tyreek Chappell in this one, but a standout performance came from UAB transfer BJ Mayes—my pick for a starting spot at corner. Will Lee, the transfer from Kansas State, made some impressive plays as well. Dalton Brooks made some huge hits.

I already felt a lot better about this squad's potential on the back end of the defense coming into this year. Now, I feel like Aggie fans have some solid evidence for that hope.

Some other quick notes on the spring game: Nic Scourton is an absolute game-wrecker. We all had high hopes for him coming into the year, but he was making plays every snap he was on the field. Life was tough on Conner Weigman whenever Scourton was out there.

The depth at receiver needs to be addressed. The Aggies are right in the thick of things with a couple of big targets in the portal, but there need to be a few more playmakers at wideout.

Finally, I want to remark that Scooby Williams showed me something today. He did not have great reviews from Florida fans as a linebacker, but he made some impressive plays in this game.

We'll have more coming on the spring game very shortly.