Jimbo Reflects on Tenure with Texas A&M Football on Pardon My Take

The former head man for Texas A&M football shared some thoughts about his time with the Aggies in his first extended interview since being fired.
Nov 11, 2023; College Station, Texas, USA; Texas A&M Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher looks on
Nov 11, 2023; College Station, Texas, USA; Texas A&M Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher looks on / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Jimbo Fisher Offers Thoughts on Texas A&M Football and More on Pardon My Take

A few days ago, the Barstool Sports podcast Pardon My Take released an episode wherein they interviewed former Texas A&M football head coach Jimbo Fisher. This grabbed the attention of Aggie fans when it was announced, as it would be the first time seeing Fisher interviewed publicly since his sudden firing just under two months ago. You can watch at this link or below.

Fisher visited with the hosts of the podcast for quite some time, but demurred for the most part when asked about the Aggies and things related to his time in College Station. Given the type of vibe the hosts were going for, too, they weren't exactly trying to put the screws to him, so they didn't really press him on any answers or follow up in any meaningful way on his responses.

He did mention a couple of things that would be of interest to the Maroon and White faithful, however. He was joking with the hosts about the buyout size, given how much of a talking point that had become all over the internet. His quote—"I'm not complaining!"—was the most well-publicized piece of this, at least among Aggie media, in my estimation, but it certainly didn't seem bitter at all.

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That note leads me into my biggest takeaway here: he just doesn't seem bitter really at all for how things happened. He seems slightly disappointed that he wasn't able to finish things out at Texas A&M football, but he continued to wish the Aggies success going forward. He spoke about the potential he thought the team had and where he thought they could go, but it didn't seem as though he was angry at the decision makers.

This doesn't match the way some of the Aggie fans had begun to speak about him by the time everything came to pass with his firing. Things seemed overly personal in some corners among certain fans. The animus they felt for him was because of a perceived animus on his part towards them, which just doesn't seem to be the case at all. He even defended the yell leaders!

The other most notable thing is that he seems to forget Kellen Mond's name near the end of his interview. That's kind of funny.