LSU Staffer Melts Down on Twitter After Failing to Flip 5-Star from Texas A&M Football

A huge boon for Texas A&M football is becoming embarrassing for the Bayou Bengals staff.
Nov 20, 2021; College Station, Texas, USA;  A general view of the stands at the last regular season
Nov 20, 2021; College Station, Texas, USA; A general view of the stands at the last regular season / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

LSU’s Sherman Wilson Has Embarrassing Meltdown on Twitter After Texas A&M Football Holds On to Terry Bussey

Texas A&M football and Mike Elko got their signature win of the 2024 cycle this morning, as Terry Bussey ended up sticking with his commitment to the Aggies despite a late, furious push by LSU. That furious push included his lead recruiter for the Bayou Bengals, Sherman Wilson, tweeting GIFs with such frustrated fervor that it appeared he thought that alone was a way to manifest the flip.

His antics did a lot to stir up the Purple and Gold faithful, as they mistakenly thought there was anything of substance at all behind the barrage of posting. Now, with what was in retrospect a somewhat pathetic attempt at generating momentum, Wilson has been forced to face the music.

He is not taking it well.

After all of these, he began to, once again, try to build hype for no reason for something that he said would be happening in a couple of hours. That event? Signing a recruit that they already had committed. Some real fireworks!

A little over a week ago, an image was tweeted out from LSU transfer DB and former Aggie Jardin Gilbert’s account as part of the push to land Bussey. The image included several players who had been committed to Texas A&M, but had switched their commitment to LSU following staff changes and other 2023 eventualities. 

The premise was that each of these players was in a group chat, talking about “coming home,” and it concluded with Bussey saying something along the lines of “be there soon,” obviously implying a message that was essentially “hey Terry, look at all the other flips! Why don’t you also flip?” Again, given that this was all completely invented out of whole cloth, this just comes off as desperate.

Luke Evangelist of Texags, following Bussey’s commitment, tweeted out the same image, but with an edit in the final part to take a jab at LSU fans. Wilson, apparently seeing this, quote tweeted with the message “We can just switch the other 5 star we took. My b [crying laughing emoji].”

Not only does this not make sense, given that the player in question (Dominick McKinley) is already on the image, but it again, when viewed in the broader scope of events, is just kind of sad. There was no one asking this man to tweet out GIFs of Joe Rogan and Hasbulla ahead of LSU faceplanting in this recruitment. He just, for some reason, thought it would be cool to do.