National champions! Texas A&M Women’s Tennis vanquish UGA to claim title

Late last night, Texas A&M Women’s Tennis staved off the Bulldogs to become national champions.
Carter Skaggs/The Enquirer / USA TODAY

Texas A&M Women’s Tennis wins national championship; first title in Texas A&M tennis history

Late last night, after a tumultuous set of circumstances, Texas A&M Women’s Tennis put the finishing touches on a win over the Georgia Bulldogs—one that proved the Aggies to be the best in the nation. A title has come to College Station once again—the first in Texas A&M tennis history.

The Aggies had previously fallen three times to the Bulldogs this season, but when it mattered most, A&M shone brightest, winning 4-1. This came to pass through a delay in start time and change of venue, as well: due to weather, the matches were forced to move indoors in the middle of the showdown between the Aggies and Bulldogs. Even through this unforeseen adversity, though, the team remained locked in.

Excitement gripped the Aggie fanbase, and many of the Maroon and White faithful intended to watch the match, but the coverage provided on ESPN+ ended up frustrating many. The commentators seemed uninterested at times, and the graphics failed to accurately display the score far too often.

Despite the less-than-ideal viewing circumstances, fans were nonetheless glued to the screen awaiting updates. At roughly 11:13 PM CT, things went final: the Aggies were national champions.

This could be a spring filled with national championship contention for Aggie programs. Texas A&M Women’s Golf is currently competing for a title, Aggie softball has advanced to a super regional, and we’re all well-aware of the expectation level for Texas A&M baseball.

Congrats to Mark Weaver and the women’s tennis team on a huge victory. Weaver has taken this program to national prominence in the biggest way, and he looks to have things set up for years to come as well. Not a bad start for Trev Alberts as Texas A&M AD, either!