New Texas A&M Football Commit Scourton Demolishes Ridiculous Twitter Rumor

Detractors of Texas A&M football rushed to spread falsehoods about the new Aggie player, and he responded pretty swiftly.
Oct 1, 2022; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Purdue Boilermakers defensive end Nic Caraway (5)
Oct 1, 2022; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Purdue Boilermakers defensive end Nic Caraway (5) / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

Randos on Twitter Lie About Texas A&M Football and Inducements; Nic Scourton Responds

This may shock you, but a completely fake story about Texas A&M football paying a recruit to come to College Station got a bunch of traction online. This has never happened before!

"Blue Bloods Bias," who has apparently built a platform over 1) selectively reporting message board rumors as fact and 2) stealing Big Game Boomer's logo and turning it blue, tweeted out a long message yesterday about how the Aggies "broke the bank for the Best Defensive End in the Transfer Portal" (strange capitalization choices original to quote) after the Aggies landed Nic Scourton. In this diatribe, he insinuated that the Aggies upped Scourton's NIL compensation from 200K to 650K and offered him a car and a house.

His source for these claims was shown in a follow up tweet, where he shared a screencap of "Black and Gold," the On3 Purdue affiliate. The screencap was cropped to show only a small amount of text, which reads as follows: "Word is Nic Scourton was getting $20,000 a month for 10 months at Purdue. Also rumblings that Texas A&M offered Scourton $650,000, a car and a house. He already has visits set for Louisville and Florida State." This was the entirety of his sourcing.

There is no author listed in the screenshot. It is unclear whether this was even from an article or simply from a message board poster. The fact that this account tweeted all this out and only threw in one measly "reportedly" to hedge is mind-boggling.

This made the rounds enough to where Nic himself caught wind of it. He took to Twitter to respond.

Nice economics slam in here!

Even former Texas A&M football coach RC Slocum had some thoughts to share.

We're just at a place now where it's a bit of a race to the bottom when it comes to stories about Texas A&M football and large amounts of NIL money. This is yet another example of that.