Notre Dame fan calls Kyle Field "least daunting SEC home field outside of Vanderbilt"

Rival fans like to spout off about Texas A&M football from time to time, but this just isn't even a realistic take.
Sep 18, 2021; College Station, Texas, USA; A view of the stands and the fans and the 12th Man logo
Sep 18, 2021; College Station, Texas, USA; A view of the stands and the fans and the 12th Man logo / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame fan who has never been to Kyle Field confidently declares that it is not intimidating

I wish I could say that the above headline regarding Kyle Field is an exaggeration for the sake of humor. Sadly, it is, in reality, completely factual.

The depth of ignorance—confident ignorance—to which some rival fans will stoop as regards Texas A&M football continues to surprise me. If you asked me what I thought the average fan—the average hater, even—would concede about the Aggies, one of the things I would list on there is "great home field advantage."

Apparently, though, it is a maxim now tested and true that any position which can be conceived of is one that some guy has confidently expressed on a podcast.

"I'm not worried, dude. I'm not worried."

A man who should be very, very worried.

As Robert Behrens says above, the Tigers have not won at Kyle since late 2016. That includes two trips in which the Bayou Bengals were ranked in the top-10—one of those times coinciding with the Aggies being 4-7. The game in question was a double-digit loss for the SEC West Champion Tigers.

Though this host is wearing an LSU hat, he is apparently only doing so since he lost a bet (at least, he says as much on his Twitter page). According to intel in the comments—which, of course, has never steered anyone wrong—he is actually a Notre Dame fan. That makes sense, given that they appear to be discussing the Aggies' opener versus the Irish.

The impatience with which the other host immediately erupts is pretty funny, though. He at once begins to shout that the man making such inadvisable comments has never even been to Kyle Field, which is possibly the most astounding part of this.

This is the brash confidence of someone unable to properly conceive of that which he has not experienced. I bet this guy also says he is entirely unafraid of facing down a full-grown silverback gorilla.