On3 underrates Texas A&M football's roster with lack of players on CFB top 100

This is just another sign of how much Texas A&M football has yet to prove this season.
Nov 25, 2023; West Lafayette, Indiana, USA; Purdue Boilermakers linebacker Nic Scourton (5) reacts
Nov 25, 2023; West Lafayette, Indiana, USA; Purdue Boilermakers linebacker Nic Scourton (5) reacts / Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

On3 snubs majority of Texas A&M football's roster with only one inclusion on top 100 CFB players

It's no secret that Texas A&M football has a lot of work to do to re-shape public opinion of the program. There are some who have begun to see the vision that Mike Elko has cast for this Aggie team, but many more are reserving judgment at this point.

Evidence of this shows up from time to time, and a particularly visible example came down the other day. On3 dropped a rating of the top 100 players in college football, and only one Aggie made the cut—one who wasn't even on the roster last year in Nic Scourton.

Other notable names include Walter Nolen at 23 and Evan Stewart at 36—two of the most high-profile departures from Texas A&M football this past offseason. A choice I found questionable, unrelated to the Aggies, was the placement of Caleb Downs at 22, which feels quite low.

You could come away with one of a few conclusions from this. Some might point to this as proof of the low-quality nature of the roster, or how much depth has been sapped after Jimbo's departure and portal losses.

I still think this roster has plenty of talent—I just think it is currently underrated. The lack of inclusion for Weigman, for example—though I understand the logic with the small sample size—is one that I think will be looked back on with some regret after what I anticipate coming this year. Taurean York is quickly becoming one of the best linebackers in the country, and he is not mentioned in this list.

Other players that could have made an appearance include Shemar Turner and Shemar Stewart. Turner has more numbers to his name up until now, but Stewart is set for a breakout year in my opinion. Bryce Anderson has a chance to show up big for the Aggies, as well. Noah Thomas and Jahdae Walker both have the potential to crack an in-season edition of this list, too.

Overall, I think this speaks to the unproven nature of the roster more than anything else. I see how the puzzle pieces all fit together for the Ags at the moment—it's up to Elko, Bateman, Klein, and the rest of the staff to make the rest of the country see the vision.