OU Fan Tries to Roast Texas A&M Football and Gets Immediate Karma

It can be easy for Texas A&M football fans to forget how annoying OU fans are.
A Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma State fan hold up a sign mocking Oklahoma during the Big 12
A Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma State fan hold up a sign mocking Oklahoma during the Big 12 / Aaron E. Martinez/American-Statesman /

Sooners Fan Tries His Hand at Trolling Texas A&M Football; Disaster Strikes Soon After

In all the hubbub of the rivalry between Texas A&M football and the Longhorns, and the excitement about that matchup finally being renewed on the gridiron, it's easy to forget how annoying Sooner fans are. Oklahoma and Texas A&M have had some memorable games in the past (for both good and bad reasons), and have never liked each other, but it's something that kind of takes a backseat for the most part. Unless, you know, the Aggies are engaging in their yearly tradition of stealing a top recruit that OU badly wants.

During the Aggies' bowl game, one Sooner fan decided that he wanted to give reviving the rivalry the old college try.

How incendiary!!!

Let's break this down. Judging from the timestamp here, this is about midway through the second quarter of the bowl game, so OSU was up maybe 10-3 at this point, and the Aggies were getting shredded in the pass game. You can tell from the replies he thought the game was about to go very poorly for Texas A&M football.

Seeing this, he first purports that the Aggies "do not look like an SEC team." Scraping the ceiling of a specific brand of "so-un-self-aware-it's-hilarious" comedy, he immediately follows that up by saying "Yes-they lost their whole team, but my point stands." Actually, your point does not stand. That's what that means. It's pretty funny to say "hey, these backups and walk-ons don't look like an SEC team! This is how the whole conference is, actually!"

He continues: "If this is what OU is walking into, if I were the SEC, I would be very, very alarmed." Well, it actually is not what OU is walking into.

Consider this: two years ago, LSU was in a very similar situation. Having fired their coach, they went into the Texas Bowl down an abnormally high level of scholarship players, and got waxed by Kansas State. What happened that next year? LSU won the SEC West and beat the Big 10 runner-up by a score of 63-7 in the Citrus Bowl. These bowl performances under these circumstances tell you almost nothing with regard to predictive value.

He closes with the confident prediction that the Sooners (and Longhorns!) will be able to walk through the SEC comfortably. I do not know if you have taken a look at the 2024 schedule for the Sooners, but I would be surprised if they win more than seven games. As of right now, OU would rank 6th in the 2024 SEC in the team talent composite. They are 2nd in the current Big 12.

The Aggies' third string ended up losing to OSU by 8. OU's first string lost to the Cowboys by 3. Less than 24 hours following this tweet, the Sooners got statistically embarrassed by a much less talented Arizona squad. I guess sometimes it's better to think before you speak!

At that point, he had no shortage of replies pointing this out to him. His response to this whole thing blowing up in his face?

A classic move: the old "I'm not mad, you're mad" maneuver. Hopefully by this time next year, both OU and Longhorn fans will learn to not speak out of turn and let the games play out. Of course, by that point, they may not have much to boast about.

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