The perfect landing spot for all five Texas A&M football NFL draft hopefuls

The right situation matters for a draft prospect—here's the best option for each NFL hopeful from Texas A&M football.
Aug 12, 2010; Arlington, TX, USA; General view of the exterior of Cowboys Stadium before the NFL
Aug 12, 2010; Arlington, TX, USA; General view of the exterior of Cowboys Stadium before the NFL / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Projecting the most ideal landing spot for each Texas A&M football player in the NFL draft

Texas A&M football fans know well that a player getting drafted into the right situation is a huge piece of future success. There's been a lot of ink spilled about how terrible the situation was in Cleveland for Johnny Manziel, for instance; De'Von Achane, on the other hand, was drafted into a situation in Miami that is currently maximizing his considerable talent.

Early career success makes or breaks players in professional football. If a guy ends up in the wrong situation at first, even if he has the talent to compete, he can often lose his luster in the eyes of other teams without much positive film to show.

Texas A&M football has five chief draft hopefuls entering the professional ranks this year. Some of them have undeniable talent, and I expect them to flourish no matter which team ends up drafting them (with limited exceptions, I suppose). Some of them are guys that need to find the right spot in order to end up making a big impact.

For example, I don't think Achane, even though he possesses blazing speed, would have flourished quite as much if he were drafted to a spot like New England or Chicago. Mike McDaniel's system showcases Achane's abilities well, and he has become an elite piece for the Dolphins already.

So where is the right spot for each player? Where would Aggie fans like to see each guy end up? I have some thoughts and projections here—this isn't necessarily where I think they'll go in the draft, but where I think would be most auspicious for their future prospects in the league. Without further ado, let's jump in.