Predicting whether every SEC team goes over or under their 2024 preseason win totals

Making some educated guesses as to which SEC teams will live up to expectations, and which will disappoint in 2024.
Jul 10, 2017; Hoover, AL, USA; The Southeastern Conference logo is shown on the Hyatt Regency
Jul 10, 2017; Hoover, AL, USA; The Southeastern Conference logo is shown on the Hyatt Regency / Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports
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Projecting which SEC teams will exceed their win projections and which will fall short of expectations in 2024

Fanduel has released their win projections for the upcoming college football season, so we now have win projections for all 16 (!!!) SEC teams for this fall. These can be quite telling, especially with the way that the public bets on them.

There’s no shortage of storylines for this upcoming season. How will Alabama look in this post-Nick Saban world? Will newcomers OU and Texas fit right in, or look like they should have stayed with Baylor and Texas Tech? Can Florida overcome the gauntlet they have set out before them?

These are all interesting questions, and will doubtless be debated ad infinitum from now until August 31, when the games finally kick off. There’s so much that can change between now and then, as well—like we’ve just seen, you never know what will happen with the coaching carousel. There’s also the small matter of the spring portal window, which two Aggie players have already announced their intentions to enter.

All that to say—we can project now, but we don’t even know yet what we don’t know. Key players could suffer injuries in spring ball or fall camp. Maybe a guy chooses to sit out the year! Stranger things have happened.

With that in mind, these are my projections as of this moment, with the information that we currently have available. Another important point is to say that I am projecting for the regular season only—not for the postseason. There are several teams for whom I am very close to going one way or the other, and the possibility of postseason play would change my prediction. However, I kept it to the 12-game schedules that we currently have available.

So, who will rise to the challenge? Who will disappoint? Let’s go ahead and dive in, starting with the Crimson Tide.