Projected Texas A&M football defense depth chart post-spring football

Here’s how we see the defensive two-deep stacking up for Texas A&M football come springtime.
Sep 23, 2023; College Station, Texas, USA; Auburn Tigers quarterback Payton Thorne (1) is tackled by
Sep 23, 2023; College Station, Texas, USA; Auburn Tigers quarterback Payton Thorne (1) is tackled by / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
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Projecting Texas A&M football’s spring defensive depth chart: Defensive tackles

1st unit: Albert Regis, David Hicks
2nd unit: Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy, Rodas Johnson
3rd unit: Samu Taumanpepe, Jadon Scarlett

There’s a lot to be said for seniority when it comes to playing on the lines of scrimmage, especially in the SEC. The body of a junior or senior will simply be more developed and thus hold up better in the most physical area of the field than will that of a freshman.

Hence, Regis—though he is probably a lower-ceiling guy—gets the 1st unit nod here over Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy. Dindy is also apparently injured at the moment, which plays into this as well—not to mention the lack of in-game experience thus far for him.

One guy that this does not apply to as much is David Hicks. Hicks is younger than Dindy, but has quickly made himself nigh indispensable to the Aggie defensive front. Both were five-stars and came in with impressive physical profiles, but you can never predict quite how development will go once a guy gets on campus. Dindy has just had a slower go of things, but his ceiling is still extremely high.

Rodas Johnson is an intriguing pickup from Wisconsin. He’s a true nose tackle, and being older, is more developed. He will definitely have a role to play on this team—it just remains to be seen whether it is a situational one or one with heavier rotation.

Speaking of situational guys, I’m excited to see how Samu Taumanpepe is used by this defensive staff. A monster in the middle of the line, he is extremely explosive for his size. I’m high on his potential, and though I have him listed at third team here, I think he will be used in specific scenarios that will have him seeing the field a good amount.