Ranking 2024 SEC Schedules, from Easiest to Hardest

Texas A&M football is lucky to end up with one of the more relaxed slates in the conference this upcoming year.
Jul 10, 2017; Hoover, AL, USA; The Southeastern Conference logo is shown on the Hyatt Regency
Jul 10, 2017; Hoover, AL, USA; The Southeastern Conference logo is shown on the Hyatt Regency / Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports
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Ranking Every 2024 SEC Schedule's Difficulty; Texas A&M Football Avoids Brutal Slate

Texas A&M football, along with the rest of the SEC, recently found out their conference slates for the upcoming season. With the Longhorns and Sooners entering the SEC soon, this was a hotly-anticipated release, and it hasn't disappointed, generating a lot of buzz with the huge matchups coming down the pike.

The Aggies, along with the other teams in the conference, have known for some time which teams they will be playing; however, the order in which they play said teams along with the placement of the bye week are factors that are just as important.

Certain choice matchups were leaked earlier in the fall, giving the Aggies in particular a better picture of who they would face when. Their game against Notre Dame had been slated to kick off the season for quite some time, and the dates of their matchups against Florida, LSU, and Texas—September 14, October 26, and November 30, respectively—were revealed in that leak.

The Aggies, having so many marquee games on their schedule, were one of the more favored teams as regards early knowledge of their specific dates. Certain other teams, though, didn't know too much about how their schedule might shake out, even following this leak being made public. South Carolina, Missouri, LSU, and others still only had a couple of dates nailed down.

Now that the full schedules have been made public, however, the character of the upcoming season is becoming a little clearer. With that in mind, let's take a look at who has the easiest and the hardest schedules! I'll start with the 16th (crazy that the conference will have that many teams!) hardest and work my way up to first overall.