Ranking 2024 SEC Schedules, from Easiest to Hardest

Texas A&M football is lucky to end up with one of the more relaxed slates in the conference this upcoming year.
Jul 10, 2017; Hoover, AL, USA; The Southeastern Conference logo is shown on the Hyatt Regency
Jul 10, 2017; Hoover, AL, USA; The Southeastern Conference logo is shown on the Hyatt Regency / Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports
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SEC 2024 Schedules: Toughest in the Conference - Florida

For as tough as some of these slates have been, the undoubted, knock-down, drag-out winner when it comes to most grueling schedule is unquestionably the Florida Gators. Adventurous non-conference scheduling has combined with an unfavorable slate from the SEC side to create a nightmare concoction of 2024 matchups for the Gators.

They open against Miami, which is mercifully a home game. They then host Samford before welcoming Texas A&M football to town. To get out of this stretch at 2-1 would be admirable; 3-0 is nigh unthinkable with how the team projects currently.

It doesn't get better from there. The Gators face Mississippi State in Starkville the following week; winnable, but not easy. They get a bye before hosting UCF, and I don't know about you, but even with a bye I would not envy the coach who has to prepare for the Lebby and Malzahn offenses back to back.

The Gators visit Knoxville next before returning home against Kentucky. Another bye gives a brief reprieve before their yearly faceoff against Georgia in Jacksonville. As if that weren't enough, the following week the Gators visit Austin to welcome the Horns to the conference. They then have the privilege of seeing LSU and Ole Miss come through town before capping it all off with a rivalry game versus Florida State in Tallahassee.

I won't lie to you: if things break the wrong way early on for the Gators, they could legitimately go 1-11. Bowl eligibility will be a struggle. I anticipate that we could see a coaching change midseason, given how hot Napier's seat is even currently.

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