Ranking 2024 SEC Schedules, from Easiest to Hardest

Texas A&M football is lucky to end up with one of the more relaxed slates in the conference this upcoming year.
Jul 10, 2017; Hoover, AL, USA; The Southeastern Conference logo is shown on the Hyatt Regency
Jul 10, 2017; Hoover, AL, USA; The Southeastern Conference logo is shown on the Hyatt Regency / Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports
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SEC 2024 Schedules: 15th Toughest - Tennessee

The Volunteers being this low on the list could be a surprise to some, but they, along with a couple of other teams that may surprise by being this low, have a somewhat top-heavy schedule. The obvious headliners are Alabama and Georgia. Hosting the Tide gives the Vols a great shot at going two in a row at home, especially if freshman Nico Iamaleava is as good as he has looked thus far.

The trip to Athens is a tougher nut to crack, however; it's worth considering, though, that since Alabama hosts Georgia earlier, if the Tide beat the Bulldogs and the Vols can pull an upset against Bama, that would set up a nice three-way tie. That's provided the Volunteers take care of business elsewhere, however.

Big Orange will face off against NC State in Charlotte in week 2 in what is an underrated matchup. It's sandwiched between home games against Chattanooga and Kent State, though, and for however tough the Wolfpack can play, it's still a game the Vols should win. After that, they visit OU headed into a bye week, and head to Fayetteville after the break.

They host Florida and Alabama back-to-back before another bye week—in other years, this might be a tougher slate, but the Gators don't project well for next year. Two rivalry games in two weeks is certainly interesting, though—it helps that both are at home.

The last five games should be an easy four wins at least, with the toughest game besides UGA being a home contest against Kentucky. This sets up for nine wins at least, with a toss-up game in Norman being the key to getting to 10. If the Vols can pull off an upset against Alabama, too, they should be right in the thick of things come the end of the season.