Ranking All 12 Texas A&M Football Seasons in the SEC: 2012-2023

Since joining the conference, the Aggies have had more highlights than lowlights. Let's rank every season since 2012.
Nov 9, 2013; College Station, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) and wide
Nov 9, 2013; College Station, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) and wide / Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports
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Ranking Every Texas A&M Football Season in the SEC: #6 - 2014

This year had two great moments and one diabolically awful moment. I still remember it quite fondly, though, so right here it ranks, on the good side of the middle of this list.

The first great moment, of course, was the very first game of the year: the 52-28 thrashing of South Carolina that set the tone for the way that series has gone almost every year. That was a top-10 preseason Gamecock team! And the Aggies just manhandled them.

The overtime win against Arkansas was pretty great, too. It took a huge comeback for the Aggies to even get to that point, including an absolute bomb from Kenny Hill to Ed Pope and Josh Reynolds doing what he does best. The Mississippi State game the following week felt like an ambush, though. The Ole Miss game wasn't any better. Both those teams turned out to be pretty good, however.

Then came 59-0 in Tuscaloosa. That still might be the low point in these 12 years. It's up there with App State, for sure. It didn't make things any better that the Aggies had two weeks to dwell on what happened, as their bye followed that game. Saban wanted revenge for the previous two years, and he got it back in spades.

After a very unconvincing 21-16 win over ULM in some very cool throwbacks, I never dared to dream that Kyle Allen could lead the Aggies to victory at #3 Auburn. But that's exactly what happened.

That was the Aggies' last ranked road win, by the way. Fun fact!

The Mizzou loss was a game the Aggies should have won. So was LSU the following game. But I'll tell you what: that Liberty Bowl win over West Virginia, for whatever reason, still makes me happy to think about. It left the season on a great note for me. No idea why.