Reacting to Texas A&M Football 2024 Schedule Reveal: Breakdown and Preview

Texas A&M football has a nice path set up for themselves in the coming year.
Oct 23, 2021; College Station, Texas, USA;  Texas A&M football
Oct 23, 2021; College Station, Texas, USA; Texas A&M football / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
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September 7, 2024: Texas A&M Football vs. McNeese Cowboys

The Aggies continue their non-conference slate, this time with a bit easier opponent in the McNeese Cowboys. McNeese is an FCS program next door in Louisiana, for those unfamiliar.

This should be a pretty easy win for the Aggies, of course. In recent years, the Aggies have had their FCS opponent, when they've played one, much closer to the end of the season. Putting them right after a high-pressure, much-anticipated matchup like Notre Dame, though, is fine by me.

This will be one of the lower-key games of the weekend, as you might expect. The in-state rival Longhorns will be facing down a trip to Michigan, and the SEC slate will officially open as South Carolina heads to Kentucky.

As I say, though, this will be a needed down week for this Texas A&M football team. The Notre Dame game will doubtless be a slugfest, and the Aggies look to kick off their SEC slate a little earlier than usual this year.