Reacting to Texas A&M Football 2024 Schedule Reveal: Breakdown and Preview

Texas A&M football has a nice path set up for themselves in the coming year.
Oct 23, 2021; College Station, Texas, USA;  Texas A&M football
Oct 23, 2021; College Station, Texas, USA; Texas A&M football / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
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September 21, 2024: Texas A&M Football vs. Bowling Green Falcons

Another big time matchup gives way to another easier week, as the Bowling Green Falcons will roll into town to face Texas A&M football on September 21st. This will be the first ever matchup between these two schools—hard to believe, I know!

Look, this once again will not be a marquee matchup for the Aggies, but the placement here behooves the Aggies no small amount. Having these lower-tier foes sandwiched between conference games and bigtime non-conference opponents is a setup that Aggie fans would hand-design if given the chance.

For their part, the Falcons are not exactly world-beaters, even in the Group of 5 world. They've really struggled in the MAC over the last few years, and it has been quite some time since they boasted a dominant unit that could challenge a higher-tier opponent. The days of Urban Meyer have passed, in other words.

This is two guaranteed wins in the first four games—given, you had three such games in the first four in this current year, so that's actually a little less rosy in all fairness. How will the Aggies close out September? Let's take a look at their final opponent of the month.