Texas A&M Football: AD Ross Bjork Could Be Leaving for Big 10 Destination

Reporting has emerged that AD Ross Bjork could be Big 10-bound. How does this affect Texas A&M football?
Dec 22, 2015; Oxford, MS, USA; Mississippi Rebels head football coach Hugh Freeze talks with
Dec 22, 2015; Oxford, MS, USA; Mississippi Rebels head football coach Hugh Freeze talks with / Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

AD Ross Bjork Reportedly Interviewing for Big 10 Job; How Does This Affect Texas A&M Football?

Since Ross Bjork was brought on to replace Scott Woodward in 2020, many Texas A&M football fans have had an up-and-down opinion regarding the man. In recent weeks, public opinion of him among the Maroon and White faithful has hit an all-time-low after the Mark Stoops fiasco.

Up until that point, Bjork had done a decent job. The hiring of Buzz Williams was seen as a positive, as were the hirings of Jim Schlossnagle and Joni Taylor. Recently, though, certain decisions seemed not as well-thought-out in retrospect.

The biggest of this category was the decision to extend Jimbo Fisher and grant him an even larger buyout than what he previously had. Of course, in context, it made sense given LSU's pursuit of him and where the Aggies were at that point; and the reality is that this could have been just as much a John Sharp decision as a Bjork decision. It's hard to say.

From time to time, certain Aggies criticize the Buzz hire as well. It's part of the seemingly annual roller coaster that the basketball team takes the fans on, of which we now appear to be on the upswing. I think it's tough to criticize what Jim Schlossnagle has done, however, and Joni Taylor has gotten things turned around and trending upward for the women's hoops team.

Regardless, given the Jimbo extension and Mark Stoops situation, most fans have been very low on Bjork recently. For that reason, when it was announced today by Pete Thamel that Bjork was the most likely candidate for the Ohio State AD job, the reaction of many Aggie fans was one of relief.

Certain fans seemed to be of the opinion that the Aggies were all too ready to just let Bjork's contract run its course by next year, but if Ohio State takes him off their hands, that works too. Nothing is official yet, but it seems that things are trending this way quickly.

If this does come to fruition, I think we as Texas A&M football fans will remember Bjork's tenure as mixed. The dark stain on the end with the Stoops situation will likely be most remembered, however, but certain of his hires show a lot of promise.