SEC News: Is Nick Saban trying to become College Football Commissioner?

Recent comments from Nick Saban make it seem like he wants a hand in directing the future of the sport.

Feb 17, 2024; Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA;  Alabama Crimson Tide former head football coach Nick Saban
Feb 17, 2024; Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide former head football coach Nick Saban / Gary CosbyJr.-USA TODAY Sports

SEC News: Do Nick Saban’s recent comments indicate he wants to be CFB commissioner?

Ever since the GOAT, Nick Saban, retired, college football has felt his absence. That’s a pretty big thing to claim, given that no games have been played since then, but for such a larger-than-life presence who defined the sport for so long, I feel as though it is accurate.

Saban, of course, hasn’t been completely absent from things. Reports are that he is still very involved in Tuscaloosa, trying his best to aid in the transition from his regime over to the new era of Kalen DeBoer. Fans can make their own determinations as to how exactly that is going.

Recent comments by Saban, though, have made some college football fans wonder about his plans for the future. Clearly, Saban was not a fan of where things were headed more broadly, which doubtless played into his decision to retire. He has, after all, stressed that that call was not health-related, and his team was coming off a very successful season (and perhaps his best-ever coaching job, given where the Tide started and how they finished).

A recent ESPN article declares that Saban “wants to be a voice for change in college football.” In it, he outlines his feelings about NIL, the portal, and everything else, with some minor reflections on his time in Tuscaloosa.

Here’s the interesting part, however. While the main man says nothing specifically about this, the article includes this line: “In fact, some coaches have suggested that Saban would be a perfect choice as college football commissioner if such a position is ever created.”

Is this something Saban is lobbying for? Is it something he would be good at? Well, he is getting up there in age, for sure. I doubt it would be a long-term appointment if something like that were to come up.

It would be tough to find a guy who has shaped the sport more already, though, than Saban. Perhaps a TV executive or some other suit, but I mean as far as policies and procedures surrounding things not related to game times or specifically concerned with maximizing revenue generation for television partners. He certainly wouldn’t be a bad choice.

One thing is for certain, though: something has to change. The current state of the sport is not tenable for very long, and band-aid fixes will only go so far. If getting a commissioner is the answer, and Saban is the guy, then I’m all for it.