Surprise, surprise: Ole Miss player talks trash about Texas A&M football assistant

Former Florida DE Princely Umanmielen had a jab to take at his coaching while in Gainesville, and the man on the receiving end is now in College Station.
Florida Gators defensive end Princely Umanmielen (1) lines up against Vanderbilt Commodores tight
Florida Gators defensive end Princely Umanmielen (1) lines up against Vanderbilt Commodores tight / Matt Pendleton/Gainesville Sun / USA

Ole Miss DE Princely Umanmielen calls out coaching at Florida; Is this a shot at a current Texas A&M football coach?

If it were anyone but a Lane Kiffin-coached player making a comment like this about a Texas A&M football coach, I may just pass it off. But with some of the shenanigans that the current Ole Miss head man has pulled relative to the Aggies, it makes me narrow my eyes just a bit.

Former Florida Gator DE Princely Umanmielen was one of the bigger pickups in a high-talent haul for the Rebels this past offseason. Along with former Aggie Walter Nolen, his addition meant the Rebels really bolstered their defensive line talent.

With spring football underway, Ole Miss players are meeting the media. In a presser today, Umanmielen made a couple of comments that were... eyebrow-raising.

In case you haven't been keeping track, last year's DL coach for Florida—and therefore the man who coached Umanmielen's position group—is Sean Spencer, who now coaches in College Station. By all accounts, the situation on the defensive coaching staff in Gainesville last year was certainly dysfunctional under young DC Austin Armstrong, and you could see in the results on the field.

Of course, I don't actually think that Kiffin is telling his players to make comments about the Aggies. In one sense this is more of a comment on Florida than it is on Texas A&M football. But there does seem to be a certain freedom over in Oxford for people in the program to make these kinds of incendiary comments in pressers.

How much of the dynamic that Umanmielen is referencing falls on Armstrong and how much falls on Spencer—and, for that matter, how much is fabricated—is a question we may never have the answer to. In any case, though, I feel good about Spencer's role with the Aggies, and am excited to see how the defensive line plays under his tutelage.