Texas A&M baseball: Suspicious video of UGA pitcher has Aggie fans crying “cheater!”

The Georgia pitching staff closed out their one-run victory against Texas A&M baseball in impressive fashion, but a strange video is raising suspicions.
Mar 3, 2024; Arlington, TX, USA; The Arizona State Sun Devils plays against the Texas A&M Aggies
Mar 3, 2024; Arlington, TX, USA; The Arizona State Sun Devils plays against the Texas A&M Aggies / Brett Patzke-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia used impressive close to pull out one-run win against Texas A&M baseball, but suspicions have been raised after the fact

Late in the game against Georgia this past Saturday, Texas A&M baseball was attempting to come back from down three runs. The Bulldogs gave up two in the seventh to make it a 5-4 ballgame, and A&M got the leadoff hitter, Hayden Schott, aboard in the eighth via a walk. At that point, the Bulldogs went to closer Christian Mracna, putting the save in his hands.

Mracna came into this game with an ERA of 4.00 exactly—not terrible, but not amazing. In the final two frames, though, he recorded six straight strikeouts, including retiring Grahovac, LaViolette, and Montgomery in a clutch situation.

Given how well those three have been hitting, especially in late innings when it’s been needed, that’s the stuff of legends by UGA’s Mracna. This is even more the case given that he’s not a guy on anyone’s list of top closers in the nation, even though he is a solid player playing for a solid squad.

Then, this video hit the internet, and the online Zapruders came out in full force.

There’s obviously no angle that shows exactly what Mracna is doing in that corner, though he does seem to be applying something to his glove. This is purely circumstantial reasoning. But given that video—as well as this one—the circumstantial evidence certainly seems enough to raise a reasonable doubt.

I’m not sure if anything here is actionable on the part of the league office as regards this previous game, even though it was a very close loss. In fact, I’d doubt that it is. But given what we’re seeing, I think the Bulldogs may be under a bit more scrutiny by league officials moving forward.