Texas A&M basketball fans are FURIOUS after being hosed on bad out-of-bounds call

Texas A&M basketball had a chance for a huge momentum play, but it was wiped out by a bad out-of-bounds call.

Mar 24, 2024; Memphis, TN, USA; Texas A&M Aggies guard Jace Carter (0) shoots against Houston
Mar 24, 2024; Memphis, TN, USA; Texas A&M Aggies guard Jace Carter (0) shoots against Houston / Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M basketball fans are livid after this incorrect call by the refs changes the momentum of the game

The referees in Texas A&M basketball's game against Houston can't stop tripping over themselves. Both Cougar and Aggie fans are upset with the way the game is being officiated.

Perhaps one of the most consequential calls of the night came on a breakaway play by Jace Carter. He jumped a passing lane out in front of the play and recovered. There was no one between him and a wide-open dunk. However, once he was closing in on the rim, a whistle blew from behind the play, as the referee was declaring him out of bounds.

This was a huge momentum swing. Had Carter finished the play, the Aggies would have been down only four points and riding the excitement of a huge swing in the game. Instead, the Cougars were able to score on the other end to build their lead back up.

The worst part? After looking at it on review, Carter never stepped out of bounds.

Some of the Aggie fans saw this immediately.

Then, the screenshotters uploaded their evidence to Twitter, further enraging the Aggie faithful after the photographic evidence made it extremely clear that this was the wrong call.

You hate to see huge swings in the game like this come from the referee's whistle. You especially hate it when the referee is making a patently incorrect call.

NBA officiating is often criticized, but even fans of the league, like Mavericks reporter Dalton Trigg, can see that maybe the NBA really doesn't have it that bad in comparison.

The Aggies are battling for their lives right now in this one. Hopefully they can recover after that huge, momentum swinging call that ended up being incorrect in the final analysis.