Texas A&M football: Mike Elko isn’t messing around about the offensive line

A position group that has been a sore spot for Texas A&M football fans over the last few years looks to be addressed by the new head man.
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Mike Elko discusses emphasis on Texas A&M football’s OL play for 2024 and beyond

One of the positions on this Texas A&M football team with the biggest room for improvement this season is—without a doubt—the offensive line. The OL has been a white-knuckle ride at best over the last two years, and a trainwreck at worst. Things got so bad that Aggie fans began to blame the OL for the repeated injuries to A&M quarterbacks.

That may or may not have a kernel of truth to it—I personally think that complaint is a bit overblown—but the fact remains that there is a lot of work that needs to be done to get that unit back to where it needs to be. There’s been a real fall from grace from the stellar play we saw out of the 2020 group; the lack of seniority and changes in coaching have much to do with that, in my opinion.

The good news for Aggie fans is that the man in charge is well aware of this issue. Aggie fans felt, at times, that Jimbo Fisher would dismiss glaring issues on the team with an aloof air. Of course, we only saw what he said in pressers rather than in coaches’ meetings or on the field, but he didn’t help himself in the media in this regard. Contrast this with Elko’s words last night at the Houston A&M club:

For whatever else you can say about him, it’s been clear since day one that Mike Elko has a grasp of the issues that this Aggie team faces and is intent on fixing them. He’s well aware of what needs to happen for this team to succeed going forward.

I get that it’s talking season, but there are still hurdles that need to be cleared. As far as I’m concerned, Elko has passed so far with flying colors. Whether he can get the results on the field remains to be seen—but there’s plenty of reason for hope.