Texas A&M football player makes top-10 of way-too-early 2025 NFL big board

A guy who should star on the gridiron for Texas A&M football this fall already has the attention of scouts as a potential first-rounder.
Purdue Boilermakers linebacker Nic Scourton (5) celebrates after a defensive stop during the NCAA
Purdue Boilermakers linebacker Nic Scourton (5) celebrates after a defensive stop during the NCAA / Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA

Texas A&M football’s Nic Scourton projected as a top-10 pick in way-too-early 2025 NFL big board

Just as all Texas A&M football fans know, recruiting never sleeps—and, apparently, neither do NFL mock drafts. With the 2024 NFL draft having concluded not even 48 hours ago, we already have projections for what the first round could look like in next year’s class!

Nate Tice of Yahoo Sports has put together a big board of his top prospects for the 2025 draft class. According to Tice, we’re looking at a much more defensively-dominated crop of players in the top group for this upcoming year than we just saw—seven of the top ten players are on the defensive side of the ball, and the first quarterback is all the way down at 20.

Of interest here for Texas A&M football fans is the man coming in at #9. Nic Scourton, the transfer into Texas A&M from Purdue, has apparently done enough so far to catch Tice’s eye as one of the most promising prospects the upcoming class has to offer. Of course, when you lead the Big 10 in sacks, that’s bound to catch people’s eyes.

Scourton is tops on my list for defensive impact players for the Aggies this upcoming season, as he doubtless is for many Aggie fans. However, he may not end up being the highest draft choice on the team overall, as I believe Noah Thomas has Mike Evans-like ability and Conner Weigman has a sky-high ceiling as well.

It’s likely that neither of those guys ends up declaring after this year, though—barring a massive, record-breaking, breakout season by one or the other. Scourton, though, is NFL-bound after this season in all likelihood.

This would be huge if #11 on the defensive line for Texas A&M football ends up as a top-10 pick. He would join a decorated list of Aggie pass rushers in the league, not to mention that this would be a huge statement for Mike Elko after year one: we’re back to producing top NFL draft picks. There’s obviously a long, long way to go before that manifests, but it’s encouraging that he’s already getting this buzz.