Texas A&M football rival apparently reaching into MLB talent pool for receivers now

Arkansas is in a pretty bad way, and it could result in Texas A&M football having to face off against a grown man in conference play.
Nov 3, 2018; Surprise, AZ, USA; Miami Marlins outfielder Monte Harrison during the Arizona Fall
Nov 3, 2018; Surprise, AZ, USA; Miami Marlins outfielder Monte Harrison during the Arizona Fall / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M football could apparently face a 28-year-old man at wide receiver this fall

As Texas A&M football fans well know, college football is a sport full of the unexpected. Things like rivalry game upsets, all manner of unexpected outcomes, and crazy, viral moments happen every single weekend across the country during the fall.

By unexpected outcomes, I do mean a 28-year-old MLB veteran going to play at the University of Arkansas, by the way. Because that is something that is apparently going to happen.

New broke today that Monte Harrison, a ten-year veteran of Major League Baseball and formerly of the Miami Marlins and Los Angeles Angels, has committed to the Razorbacks to play football.

As the above tweet states, Harrison was a four-star recruit out of high school and had originally committed to Nebraska. I guess Arkansas considers those recruiting rankings to be good for at least ten years!

Harrison had a career MLB batting average of .176. He notched 2 home runs and 6 RBIs in under 50 games. I'm not sure how any of those statistics transfer to a receiver prospect, but numbers are all I know—there's a strange comfort in their sure, steady nature. And this unfamiliar territory is causing me to feel threatened!

Rival fans made sure to chime in on this eventuality in the comments of the tweet that broke the news.

I kind of like this guy's idea of Chase Daniel coming back to play for the Mizzou basketball team. It's innovative and doesn't really apply here, but I would still like to see it happen.

If I had to pick one former commit for the Aggies to come back and play a different sport for them, I think I would pick Clayton Kershaw to come be a part of the Aggie track team. That or ESports. Not sure which would be funnier.