Texas A&M football searching for answers at WR after missing on two portal prospects

Texas A&M football needs a splash pickup at receiver to round out their wideout corps, but the list of prospects is growing thin.
Dec 27, 2023; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies wide receiver Chase Burton (85) and teammates
Dec 27, 2023; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies wide receiver Chase Burton (85) and teammates / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M football needs a big pickup at wideout in the spring portal window, but targets are growing fewer

It's been rare since Mike Elko arrived to write an article about Texas A&M football and the transfer portal and not have it be good news. Elko and his staff have absolutely cleaned up in the portal for the most part, practically handpicking those prospects that they want—and, if early returns are any indicator, they've knocked their evaluations out of the park.

However, this spring portal window—at least so far—has left the Aggies wanting in one big way. After the injury to Jabre Barber a few weeks ago, it went from a notion to a certainty that Texas A&M football needed to add an impact receiver from the transfer ranks.

At first, things seemed well on their way to exactly that result. The Aggies quickly notched visits from two high-profile receivers in Penn State's Keandre Lambert-Smith and Houston's Sam Brown. To get both would have been a huge coup; to even get one would have made many Aggie fans feel a lot better about the wideout position.

Unfortunately, the Aggies missed out on both, leaving them high and dry for the moment.

There are only two more days left of the spring portal, as it closes this Wednesday. That's two days left for other prospects to enter that could make an impact up front for the Aggies—because, as it stands, I'm not sure there's anyone who we could confidently label as the type of difference-make that A&M needs.

Now, there were things working against you in both these recruitments, as Lambert-Smith had a former coach at Auburn, and Brown's former OC Shannon Dawson is now in the same role at Miami. However, going 0-for-2 still hurts, obviously.

Holmon Wiggins brought in a reputation as an ace recruiter, and he has certainly shown some signs that he hasn't lost his fastball. Particularly in the high school ranks, he has helped get some top guys to campus at the wideout position, and there's something to be said for Texas A&M football being in the top group for both of these guys.

But Wiggins will have to work some real magic here in these last few days of the spring window for the Aggies to fill out the position in the way that they need. There are some talented freshmen who will be on campus this fall, true, but ideally Texas A&M football can bring in an experienced pass-catcher via transfer. That prospect is looking dimmer and dimmer with each passing hour, however.