Texas A&M football spring position preview: Potential and intrigue at wide receiver

Despite sustaining one of the highest-profile outgoing transfers of the offseason at this position, Texas A&M football could still have a stellar receiver room.
Dec 27, 2023; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies wide receiver Moose Muhammad III (7) runs with
Dec 27, 2023; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies wide receiver Moose Muhammad III (7) runs with / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M football spring position preview: Receiver could be a strength, but is currently far too thin

The wide receiver room for Texas A&M football may be one of the most intriguing position groups oin the team headed into next season. I think the national perception will be mostly negative, given that Evan Stewart, who possessed nearly all of the national name recognition and cache of the whole group—though that's not necessarily commensurate to his share of talent—has absconded.

Even so, there's not exactly been weeping and gnashing of teeth around the Aggie fanbase with regard to his departure. Part of that, I think, was that the entire fanbase was so worried about a potential departure from the moment Stewart stepped on campus that when it actually happened, it felt like a weight being lifted.

In any case, the perception took a blow when Stewart left. But what actually went out the door was a guy that, for all his physical talent, came in third in receiving yards last year and had apparently lost his starting spot to a D2 transfer down the stretch.

That D2 transfer—Jahdae Walker, for those of you not keeping track—is a big reason for the potential optimism of the upcoming season. Not only is he blossoming into a top receiving option, he also gives maximum effort in the less flashy aspects of the game.

Beside Walker is the highlight machine himself: Moose Muhammad. It has long perplexed Aggie fans that Muhammad has not seen the field more often than once in a blue moon, as he makes highlight catches nearly every time he gets more than a few snaps in a given game.

This will be a chance for Muhammad to step up big time. Ainias has graduated and is headed to the NFL, and he is doubtless a top-three receiving option on this team now. Making a statement in spring will pay dividends when the fall comes around.

Then, of course, you have Noah Thomas. #3 seemed set for a breakout year after grabbing three touchdowns in game 1, but a lower-body injury hampered him for the rest of the season, limiting his potential.

Now, though, Thomas should have a clean bill of health. If he can stay away from injury, the sky is the limit. He is the consummate red zone weapon at 6'6" and possessing a "go up and get it" attitude, and his speed on the outside makes him dangerous downfield as well.

That's a clear top 3, in my book. But who's behind them? You have Micah Tease, the 2023 signing-day flip from Arkansas. His potential as a slot option is certainly intriguing. Jabre Barber, the Troy transfer, could also make a case to start in the slot. Even Cyrus Allen from Louisiana Tech could slide in there.

Behind those three, you will have the two incoming freshmen—Izaiah Williams and Ashton Bethel-Roman (another Arkansas flip, as it happens)—and a host of PWOs. That's not a lot of depth.

Given how things are shaping up, I think we may see the Aggie coaching staff target this position specifically in the spring portal. Though it is hard to see the top 3 for the Aggies taking a backseat to anyone, the depth just has to get better.

There's a lot to prove with this receiving corps. There's a lot to like, as well. This is one of the most interesting storylines to follow on the whole team, and we will be tracking it closely.