Texas A&M football: The numbers show Edgerrin Cooper may be the best LB in the draft

The stock for the LB from Texas A&M football just continues to rise.
Feb 29, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Texas A&M linebacker Edgerrin Cooper (LB08) works out
Feb 29, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Texas A&M linebacker Edgerrin Cooper (LB08) works out / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M football: Edgerrin Cooper could be the best linebacker in the 2024 NFL draft

The meteoric rise of Edgerrin Cooper was one of the top storylines of last season for Texas A&M football. Without his stellar play in the middle of the defense, it's very possible that the win/loss record may have looked even uglier than it ended up.

For a while near the beginning of the season, though, it felt at times as though only Aggie fans were aware of Cooper's skill. He didn't bring a lot of draft hype into the year, despite having been eligible to go to the league after the previous season.

As 2023 wore down, however, Cooper began to be mentioned more and more by draft enthusiasts. His elite measurables and impressive tape began to be noticed by those preparing their mocks—and, indeed, by those working in NFL front offices.

That hype has only continued to grow after the NFL combine, and now after Texas A&M football's pro day this past Tuesday. Cooper's raw physical talent leaps out at teams, and this statistic from PFF College shows that his skill at the position is undeniable:

That's not all, either. At the aforementioned pro day for the Aggies, Cooper may have made himself some serious money. According to Ryan Fowler of Bleacher Report, Edge ran a 4.46 and 4.47 in the 40-yard dash, improving on his NFL combine number.

We all know the 40 time is one of the top categories that NFL teams watch when it comes to evaluating prospects across the board. Speed kills, and NFL teams can't get enough of it. Cooper brings it in droves.

Most have had Cooper as a day 2 draft pick, but he definitely has a first-round ceiling. With the way the industry has been discussing him recently, I wouldn't be surprised if he's right up near that ceiling come draft day.