Texas A&M football transfer portal departures: Where are they now?

With the spring portal window nearly over, we're taking a look at those who have already departed Texas A&M football and seeing how they've ended up.
Oregon wide receiver Evan Stewart attempts to avoid defensive back Solomon Davis during practice
Oregon wide receiver Evan Stewart attempts to avoid defensive back Solomon Davis during practice / Ben Lonergan/The Register-Guard / USA
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Tracking Texas A&M football portal departures: Other Power 5 schools

Here, we'll take a look at players that transferred away from Texas A&M football that ended up in a non-SEC Power 5 league.

Fadil Diggs. Syracuse Orange. . DE. FADIL. player. . . 445. Fadil Diggs

Maybe the biggest loss as far as pure production on this whole list. Diggs was a monster off the edge for the Aggies and had put together a great 2023. He has now resolved to head to Syracuse, likely to follow departed Aggie defensive line coach Elijah Robinson. He should clean up in the ACC, and will no doubt put together a great year ahead of entering the draft.

player. . Oregon Ducks. Evan Stewart. WR. . 515. . Evan Stewart. EVANSTEWART

One of the two most highly-publicized on this whole list, Stewart showed many supreme athletic flashes in College Station but never quite actualized that game-breaking ability for which he was advertised. Maybe he can showcase more of his abilities in Will Stein's offense, but he was surprisingly a non-factor in the Ducks' spring game.

. 441. MAX. North Carolina Tar Heels. Max Johnson. . Max Johnson. . QB. player

I have nothing bad to say about Max Johnson. The guy laid it all out there on the line for the Aggies many times, toughing it out through injury and difficulty. It just wasn't a match here in College Station, and Weigman had begun to overtake him. I really hope he makes the most of his opportunity up in Chapel Hill.

441. . Jake Johnson. . North Carolina Tar Heels. Jake Johnson. TE. player. . JAKE

Once Max departed, it seemed certain that Jake would as well, following him to North Carolina. I had high hopes for the highly-rated TE, and he became a dependable if inexplosive target for Texas A&M football in 2023. I think he's another candidate to make some noise in the ACC, especially working with his brother at QB.

Remington. . TCU Horned Frogs. 466. Remington Strickland. . Remington Strickland. C. player.

Remington was a guy I always had my eye on as a possible diamond-in-the-rough pickup that would end up as a big contributor. He saw time as a backup for the Aggies, but never quite broke through. In his upperclassman years, I think he can make an impact for the Frogs.