Three Early Signees for Texas A&M Football that Will Make an Immediate Impact

Texas A&M football signed a high quality 2024 class, if a bit reduced in number. Which of these players will aid the Aggies the most in the upcoming year?
Blountstown Tigers Jordan Pride (4) is tackled by Hawthorne Hornets strong safety Tremain Johnson
Blountstown Tigers Jordan Pride (4) is tackled by Hawthorne Hornets strong safety Tremain Johnson / Doug Engle/Gainesville Sun / USA TODAY
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Texas A&M Football Signees Making an Immediate Impact: Ernest Campbell

This is a guy you have to be excited about as a Texas A&M football fan. As I wrote in the article about his signing, Campbell is pure speed. How about the fact that he ran as fast of a 100m dash in his junior year of high school (10.22s) as former Aggie speedster Devon Achane did the year before he went to the NFL?

Campbell, despite being somewhat undersized at 5'8" and 150 LBs, should still see the field relatively early. If nothing else, you have to have a guy like that returning kickoffs. Aggies should know quite well how valuable it is to have a guy with game-breaking speed back at that returner spot, given how the aforementioned Achane's legendary return against Alabama tipped the scales in one of the biggest wins for Texas A&M football in recent memory.

Campbell will similarly be a threat to house it every time he touches the ball. Though he is a quite different player than former Kansas State Wildcat and current Dallas Cowboy Deuce Vaughn, we can nevertheless see the creative ways that new Aggie OC Collin Klein got Vaughn the ball as a play caller and draw some conclusions as to how he might be able to use Campbell in the regular offense.

It should be said, too, that Vaughn in his final year in Manhattan was a huge focal point of the offense for K-State, and so he had many more defenders keying in on him than Campbell is likely to in the upcoming year. With that in mind, I think Aggies need to be ready for the electricity that "the Flash" will provide both on special teams and in the regular offense this upcoming season. I can't wait to see what he does when he gets the opportunity.

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