Top 5 best choices for guest picker when Texas A&M football hosts Notre Dame

College Gameday has not exactly hit it out of the park with guest pickers at Texas A&M football in the past. Here’s a helpful list of names that would work.
Former Texas A&M Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel cheers on the Aggies during
Former Texas A&M Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel cheers on the Aggies during / Chris Day/The Commercial Appeal / USA
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Five best choices for guest picker when College Gameday visits Texas A&M football for week 1 Notre Dame showdown

The news broke earlier this week that Texas A&M football’s opener against Notre Dame would be the site of College Gameday in week 1. This is no doubt an opportunity for Texas A&M to avail themselves of some increased attention and scrutiny in game one under Mike Elko. 

Having your school host Gameday is always a big event, regardless of what you think of the direction the program has taken over the last few years. It spotlights your program in a very direct way, and so much attention is lent to your coach and school that, unless you’re in a particularly bad way (rare for a host of the show), it’s an unabashedly good thing.

When the Aggies have played the host to the show in recent years, however, there is one sore spot: the guest picker. With apologies to the Chainsmokers, Gameday has not exactly batted 1.000 with their choices of who should represent the hometown team when they come to College Station.

There are plenty of Aggie faithful in the zeitgeist who mean a lot more to the fanbase than a random EDM duo does, and, conversely, to whom the program and school mean a lot more. That in mind, maybe this can be a helpful guide!

Best Gameday guest picker options for Texas A&M football: Johnny Manziel

This one should be obvious. Johnny is not a figure without controversy, but he is one of the most famous living former students, and is especially well-known to the audience of Gameday generally.

Again, this will court some backlash. There are those, even within the Texas A&M football fanbase, that are not the biggest Johnny fans. However, I believe he has a great love for the university and wants to represent it well.

Manziel is the guy that, in many ways, flung the football program forward into the prominence it now enjoys after a very down decade. He’s the only living Heisman winner from A&M, and is now a member of the Aggie Sports Hall of Fame.

I also imagine the back-and-forth with a guy like Pat McAfee would lead to quite a few must-see moments on the set. You need look no further than the documentary on Netflix or the interview with Shannon Sharpe to know that Johnny can handle those moments well.