Texas A&M Football: Walter Nolen Has Found his Transfer Destination

The former top-rated recruit of Texas A&M football's 2022 class has decided where he will be transferring.
A referee warns Texas A&M defensive lineman Walter Nolen (0) during a football game between
A referee warns Texas A&M defensive lineman Walter Nolen (0) during a football game between / Brianna Paciorka/News Sentinel / USA

Walter Nolen Transferring from Texas A&M Football to Ole Miss

In a long-rumored move, now-former defensive tackle for Texas A&M football, Walter Nolen, is heading to Oxford to play for Lane Kiffin. Nolen announced through On3's Hayes Fawcett earlier today.

Just as a quick note on the edit, there is something strange going on with the legs there. Why does his right leg look so much bigger when it's further in the background? Kind of strange.

In any case, this is quite the disappointment for Texas A&M football fans. There had been some talk on and off that Nolen may eventually decide to return; after all, there is a lot to commend him staying around in College Station. His family moved from Tennessee to a suburb of Houston, for example, and you also have all the relationships with teammates that he has built over his two years here.

Nolen is a huge get for Lane Kiffin, who has been working the portal quite hard. For a guy who was quite clear about what it took to land a guy like Nolen in his comments on Texas A&M football's 2022 class, Kiffin is definitely putting his money where his mouth is. So to speak.

The Aggies will not face off against the Rebels in the regular season next year. It is possible that the two could play in the SEC championship if all goes well for both programs, but that is only a narrow likelihood at this point.

The Rebels, for all intents and purposes, play a one-game schedule in 2024, when they host the Georgia Bulldogs. Their toughest game aside from that is playing at LSU, who will of course be without Jayden Daniels, and now also without former OC Mike Denbrock.

It should be said, though, that the Rebels haven't won in Baton Rouge since 2008. Even so, with a schedule like this, it seems that Kiffin and company are pushing their chips to the center in order for this to be a money year in Oxford.

Again, so to speak.

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