WATCH: Manny Obaseki DETONATES for Texas A&M basketball over Houston’s zone

Late in the first half, Manny Obaseki knifed inside the Houston defense to throw down a huge dunk for Texas A&M basketball.
Texas A&M's Manny Obaseki (35) reacts after his team scored during the first round game between
Texas A&M's Manny Obaseki (35) reacts after his team scored during the first round game between / Chris Day/The Commercial Appeal / USA

Manny Obaseki explodes for huge dunk over Houston late in the first half for Texas A&M basketball

This game for Texas A&M basketball has been much more of a dogfight than it was in the previous round. The offensive end has not come easily for the Aggies, but they’re finding a way to stay attached against the hard-charging—and hard-fouling—Houston Cougars.

As I said in the preview of this game, it would be the play of the guards, including Manny Obaseki, that would help the Aggies win the game. Manny’s athleticism and newfound offensive touch could be a huge difference maker after a slow slog in the first matchup between the Aggies and Cougars.

Late in the first half, the Cougars rolled out a zone to try and mix things up for the Aggies. It didn’t exactly work for Kelvin Sampson’s squad, though, as Coleman hit a little floater at first, followed by Manny doing… this.

What a rise and detonation by Manny! You could see just how hyped up he was right after the play, as he strikes the stantion with two fists, yelling energetically.

The Cougars went on a quick run to end the half, clinging to a five-point lead, but this is the kind of play that can spark a run for a team like Texas A&M basketball. When you consider the foul situation that Houston is dealing with, and the fact that Wade Taylor only has 1 point at this juncture, you have to feel like the Aggies can make a real run in this second half.