WATCH: Solomon Washington gets INSANE block, recovery on 3-pointer, leads to bucket

Solomon Washington is showcasing his defensive dominance for Texas A&M basketball in March Madness.
Mar 22, 2024; Memphis, TN, USA;  Nebraska Cornhuskers guard Keisei Tominaga (30) shoots the ball
Mar 22, 2024; Memphis, TN, USA; Nebraska Cornhuskers guard Keisei Tominaga (30) shoots the ball / Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Solomon Washington has INSANE defensive highlight in March Madness matchup vs. Nebraska

The entire Texas A&M basketball team is executing at an extremely high level in their first-round March Madness matchup against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. There are plenty of highlights to go around—and trust me, we'll make sure you see every one of them—but this is maybe one of the most impressive of the entire game.

With the Cornhuskers scratching and clawing to get a run going offensively, they were over-passing to try and get a three. With a screen set in front of him, a Nebraska guard went to hoist one up, but Solomon Washington had other ideas.

Look at that! He fought through the screen to get to that shot, kept his balance along the sideline, and turned it into a runout bucket. That's a play you see in the NBA, not college basketball.

Immediately after this, he drew an offensive foul as well. This man is insane on defense. His effort is a huge reason why the Aggies have such a big lead right now. He has helped stifle Nebraska star Keisei Tominaga. Yes, Tominaga has hit some insane shots, but their difficulty are a testament to how well Washington is defended him.

It's not just Solo, either. Wade, Boots, and Manny are making their presence felt on both ends. Even without Andersson Garcia, who is dealing with foul trouble, for a lot of this game, the Aggies have been dominant on defense and on the boards.

This is why I think Washington is one of the top NBA prospects on this Texas A&M basketball team. He plays harder than anyone on the court and can make highlight plays just like this one. Let's hope he can keep this up for the remainder of the Aggies' run in the tournament.