Way-too-early SEC QB tier listings: Texas A&M football could boast among SEC's best

Texas A&M football fans are excited about Weigman's potential in 2024. Where does he land in the SEC QB tier list?
Sep 9, 2023; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Conner Weigman (15)
Sep 9, 2023; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Conner Weigman (15) / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
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SEC QB Tier list: B Tier

For B tier, we have players who are either solid, are inconsistent with flashes of brilliance, or are still on the come up but with exciting sparks.

Jalen Milroe. jalen. . Jalen Milroe. . 523. Alabama Crimson Tide. player. . B

Milroe really grew as a player over last year. He started out the year hesitant and nervous and ended as one of the best long-ball passers in the nation. Given what we've seen, however, I really think he is near his ceiling. Maybe DeBoer can prove me wrong, but I've got him firmly slotted in the B tier.

. . Quinn Ewers. Quinn Ewers. 467. quinn. . Texas Longhorns. B. player

Ewers is an interesting case. He clearly has great physical talent, but he is so unreliable game-to-game that it almost doesn't matter. One play, he'll float a beauty of a pass right into the arms of an awaiting receiver running free downfield, and the next he'll throw an easy read five yards behind the intended target. The book is out on him at this point, and I'm not sure moving from facing Big 12 defenses to SEC defenses week-to-week will be the best thing for his overall perception.

Jackson Arnold. . . Jackson Arnold. player. Jackson. . B. Oklahoma Sooners. 464

Arnold, another former five-star, really began to come on at the end of the previous season. His emergence all but ensured the transfer of Dillon Gabriel, which obviously ended up coming to fruition. Can he have a breakout season in this all-important transition year for the Sooners? We'll soon find out if Venables and company can press the right buttons.

. Garrett Nussmeier. Garrett Nussmeier. B. 529. . Garrett. LSU Tigers. . player

The venue for Nussmeier announcing himself on the college football scene was a strange one; facing Georgia in the SEC championship in 2022, Jayden Daniels suffered an injury while the Tigers were down big. Nuss came in to replace him, and immediately started bombing passes downfield. In his lone start this season (the bowl game vs. Wisconsin), he went 31 for 45 at 8.8 YPA, 3 TDs and 1 INT. Down an OC and their top three receivers from last year, though, I'm not sure Nuss is in for as much success this upcoming season as some have projected.

Ole Miss Rebels. . B. 532. . Jaxson Dart. player. . jaxson. Jaxson Dart

Last year was supposed to be a huge step forward for Jaxson Dart. He did... okay? He was great against bad defenses and just fine against better defenses. Kiffin's system is remarkably quarterback-friendly, so the level of production that we saw compared to what was expected was frankly a little disappointing. The numbers look good—233 for 358 and 6.4 YPA, 23 TDs and 5 INTs—but he just didn't rise to the occasion like he needed to.

. lanorris. 533. South Carolina Gamecocks. LaNorris Sellers. B. player. . . LaNorris Sellers

We've seen extremely little from Sellers so far, but what we have seen has me pretty excited about what he can do in this conference. And I promise I am not only talking about the fact that he wears huge glasses while he plays. This guy has some legitimate talent—we'll know a lot more once we see him actually play in extended game action, but for now, I think he could be special.